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Sep 13, 2007
I would first of all just like to say thanks to all who are here. I have learned more from this site and apolyton (posts, guides, and questions) than the sum total of the rest of my experience. It has also recharged my interest in Civ II (blessing and curse). I did have a question tho. I have read several places here that the Great Wall gives city walls in every city, but in my game, Great Wall makes every civ make peace with me. Just wondered if something was wrong with mine. I play Civ II : MG, btw.
The same happended to me chieflookout. Since discovering this site I learned (and still am) so much that my game improved a lot.

The Great wall gives every city city wall. That means that if somebody attacks you're city the defense bonus will be higher than normal. The great wall has also the option that every civ which makes contact with you has to offer peace. So as far as I know nothing is wrong.
In giving you a wall around every city, it does not put the actual improvement in your city's list of improvements. The effect is there, though, in the defense bonus and the peace offers. Note also on the map that after you build it all your city icons have little walls around them. The same thing is true of Pyramids - you don't get Granary improvement listed in your city list, but the half line is there in the food box. If you had a city wall already in one of your cities before you built the Great Wall the improvement is still listed; you don't get doubled effect, just the one but you get the peace option effect as well. If someone takes the city with Great Wall all of your cities that don't have their own walls suddenly lose the wall bonus. You can sell walls in cities after you get Great Wall, you just can't build them individually.
Does it do both? I can still make city walls in all my cities after I get the Great Wall, and all civs in diplomacy say "if it weren't for that accursed Great Wall we'd soon teach you some manners" which makes me think it makes every civ accept peace. I don't know why it does that, and doesn't seem to make city walls for every city (why else could I still build walls after acquiring the Wall?) I am playing Civ II MPG version 2.42. But I downloaded a patch to get it, and usually play with the regular Civ II disc. I have the MPG disc, but it runs with both. Could that be it?
There's nothing wrong. It does do both.

You are still allowed to build walls in every city since the Great Wall eventually expires and you might not want to wait until after it expires to build them, like if you were at war with someone who was about to get Metallurgy, for example.

Like ElephantU explained, the Great Wall doesn't build a wall in every city, it gives the effect of a wall in every city.

Speaking generally, if you already have walls in any of your cities when you build the Great Wall, you should sell them that same turn since you otherwise have to keep paying maintenance on them AFAIK . . .
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