The Alpha Centauri Books

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Oct 24, 2000
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Has anyone here read them?
Are they any good?
I have the first one in the series. Not great, but worth reading if you like SMAC. If I happened to find the second book I would definitely buy it.
I also read the first was ok. I want to know what happens, but haven't been able to get my hands on Dragon Sun (book#2, I believe.) Of course, it's a moot point, since obvioiusly the Hive will conquer all and rule the world.
As I remember it nothing at all was mentined about the Hive in the first book, they probably crashed their landing pod against the Pholus Ridge... :)
They are barely mentioned, in passing. Apparently, the Hive landed on a continent it had more or less to obviously they will expand, and then gobble up all the squabbling, lesser factions.
The books are fairly decent for game fiction. I ordered the whole set from and read them over easter.

I shant say how it ends, but at least I found it surprising. :D

And Zak is still my hero. :)
Read them. Loved them. Each one I read forced me to eject the civ3 cd and play a few games of SMACx. Ely does a great job w/ the unexpected (re: Hive), and harsh realities of life on Chiron. I must say the image of Clinical Immortality made me nauseas.
I bought the last book a couple of days ago. IT HAS THE MOST AKWARD ENDING.....but Im not gona ruin it for u guys =)
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