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The game overview thread

Discussion in 'Civ4 - MongooseMod' started by indrek_k, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. indrek_k

    indrek_k Chieftain

    Dec 16, 2012
    Would be great to see people posting overviews of their games here!
    I'll start with a strange one.


    11 AI and 3 human players - me and my friends Tauri and Juan. Large map, no tech trading, permanent alliances, old world start, TwilightLlama difficulty.

    I decided to go for Specialist Economy - something I've never properly pulled off in vanilla - and therefore picked India. Tauri, being a fan of Creative leaders picked Egypt. Juan went with the Incas - they're a really strong start as well.

    Started out on what appeared to be a small island. This meant I could go straight for Skara Brae after building a Tribe and founding the second city (instead of building an army to fight off the huge barbarian waves).

    My first real goal was actually Ise Jingu. Apprenticeship and later Neural Interface would be quite important for my overall strategy. However, since I was stuck on that small island without stone, I figured I needed Skara Brae as well and might actually be able to get them both. In retrospect this was a risky decision - but I actually did get them both!

    In terms of science, to get Ise Jingu I had to cover the whole Prehistoric tree so I didn't rush Sedentary Lifestyle. After getting to the second age, I went straight for Polytheism to get a religion - I knew Tauri would go for The Great Lighthouse which means he'd probably get Masonry and Pesedjet before me.

    After covering most of the island with units I built a Tribe in Bombay and founded my third city - the one with the unpronounceable name - in a marsh. The island was utterly pointless (except for the flood plains near Delhi), pretty much the only resources I had were furs and deer. In a hard to get location. Yay.

    Again, since I was alone on the island I could afford the delayed expansion. There were no good spots for a city anyway. And with nothing better to do, I built another wonder.

    I was really afraid that I'd be stuck there until Astronomy, but fortunately there was a coastal connection to another small island, which had another coastal connection to ~antartica.

    From there I was able to sail further northeast and discovered Saladin, Cyrus and later on the rest of the bunch. Yay for trade routes!

    Juan actually got Pesedjet first, instead of Tauri, but he had a slight disagreement with the Vikings over something, which resulted in him losing 2 of his 3 cities and quitting the game. Oh well.

    I built another couple of cities and wonders. Can't remember the specifics, apparently I was too lazy to take screenshots.

    But then, after about 50 turns of trade routes the barbarians built a city into the tundra and blocked off coastal trading :mad:
    I started assembling an invasion force, until I saw this:


    However, even without international trade routes I did really well. Because I was situated on an island far away from everyone else, I could focus on improving my economy and not worry about invaders.

    I had nothing better to do - I considered expanding near Saladin, but that was too far away. So I just sat on my home island, built wonders and focused on research. I used a Great Engineer to hurry the Great Library but otherwise I just slowly built them one by one as nobody else seemed to be capable of doing that. Not sure why - I guess they were busy fighting each other.

    Meanwhile, Tauri had founded Aesir Myth and pretty soon everyone was following it. So he had great relations with everyone while I had no allies.
    Well, too early to worry about that anyway.

    Yep, he got +38g from the temple - and that was relatively early.
    But anyway, I was still leading with research, which meant I could get all the cool wonders first, which meant more research.

    Saladin actually managed to capture the barbarian city with the sandworm in it and built another city nearby - and started filling them up with troops. So when Aesir Myth finally reached one of my cities, I quickly built missionaries and converted. I wasn't in the mood for fighting, as it would have meant less time for building wonders :D

    Delhi was getting scary big. That screenshot's from a golden age - hence the 83 hammers.

    Meanwhile, Tauri conquered his neighbor Cyrus and now had twice as many cities.

    I was obviously the first to discover the New World. Yay. Was planning to colonize it immediately.

    Spiritual leader combined with the Ishtar Gate meant that I'd have full vision of what my two biggest competitors were doing. Awesome.
    Tauri was not doing bad though - he was a little bit behind on research, but I think he had more production power than me.
    So time to get offensive. I started building Trebuchets and researching Gunpowder.

    Theory of Evolution before 1200 AD!

    Anyway - I sent a Great Merchant to one of the Dutch cities far far away and got 8000 gold. Then I researched Scientific Method -> Gunpowder -> built Theory of Evolution -> got free Physics + Metallurgy (1 great person from both techs), upgraded my ~25 trebs to bombards and started building riflemen + ships.

    The plan was to sneak attack the Dutch (Tauri's neighbor) since they didn't really have a lot of army and were behind on military tech. I'd take their 3 biggest cities (probably in a couple of turns with bombards), force them to capitulate and use them to invade Tauri.


    At this point we realized it's 7AM so we went to sleep.. and the next day Tauri suggested we start a new game, as I was clearly going to win this one.
    Oh well.

    Had we continued playing, I guess I'd have relatively easily taken care of the Dutch and maybe Tauri as well. However, the huge uncolonised landmass of the New Wordl would have meant a couple of other civilizations getting a ton of new cities in resource-rich places. So I guess late game (around modern era) would have become a bit more difficult for me.

    Here's the list of wonders built in Delhi by turn ~725 (~1200AD):

    Skara Brae
    Ise Jingu
    Haramat Yusuf
    The Oracle
    The Pyramids
    The Sphinx
    The Ishtar Gate
    The Temple of Artemis
    The Statue of Zeus
    The Hanging Gardens
    The Pont du Gard
    The Great Library
    The Colossus
    Mausoleum of Mausollos
    Chichen Itza
    Shwedagon Paya
    Machu Picchu
    The Porcelain Tower
    Copernicus' Observatory
    Leonardo's Workshop
    Himeji Castle
    Gutenberg Printing Press
    Theory of Evolution

    Looking at the game now, there were only 8 wonders I didn't get :eek: To be honest, I have no idea how or why.
    16 great persons born in total. Last 6-7 of them with ~30-40 turn intervals.

    Not bad.
  2. LunarMongoose

    LunarMongoose Chieftain

    Jan 29, 2006
    Boston, MA, USA
    Dood, I wuv yew for posting this. :D

    Kewl game! I didn't realize very-small empires could do that well, hehe. A few notes:

    1) It's not supposed to spawn Sandworms unless they're on Desert - period. Grr, now I'm gonna have to figure out what happened there.

    2) I've never done it myself, but this is now the second or third time I've seen or heard about someone rushing Neural Interface with the Ise Jingu, so it got me thinking about it more. How would you feel about a slight NI nerf, from 4 / 20 / 20 / 40% down to 3 / 15 / 15 / 30%? It's less realistic, but I want to keep the other civics in the category a little more relevant...

    3) I was SURE I was done tweaking my Leader Trait stats with the huge update to them in version 4.0, but noooo, your game summary here got me thinking about THAT more, too. Lol, just what I don't need right now, more SDK work to do.

    4) Now I REALLY want to get 4.1 finished. To all the other people reading this: See? Posting stuff like this significantly increases my motivation level, so you get your shiny new updates faster. It's in your own best interests! :p
  3. indrek_k

    indrek_k Chieftain

    Dec 16, 2012
    Actually, in this game I used Heritage and then Public Schools for a quite some time since the supermassive upkeep of NI is too much to handle early game, esp. for a poor civilization like India. So in that sense, I think it's fine the way it is right now - the cost balances the gains nicely.
    Also in my experience, the early wonders are a risky business anyway.

    What are you thinking of?
    Actually, since you bring up leader traits.. We're having trouble figuring out a decent strategy with Seafaring leaders. It just doesn't feel as useful as others in a ~standard game. Is there something I'm not seeing?
  4. LunarMongoose

    LunarMongoose Chieftain

    Jan 29, 2006
    Boston, MA, USA
    Oh, good, then the Very High upkeep level is doing its job. :) Sorry, I sorta forgot about that hehe, and I didn't really know yet if it was strong enough to have the desired effect. (I myself have only played one partial game since 4.0 came out - sucks when all your time goes into development. ;))

    You are, of course, absolutely right, and for this reason Seafaring was at the top of my list for buffing, during my whole "thinking about traits" phase two hours ago. :D

    It needs a global buff (meaning one that isn't weaker early or weaker later), so I had the brilliant idea of adding +1 Coastal City Trade Routes to it (a weaker version of the Great Lighthouse effect). This would also increase one's priority on Sailing and Wheels (and possibly Boating if rivers connect your coastal cities). This would be a custom ability though, so that means... drumroll please... more SDK work.

    I was also going to give Industrial a stronger-early buff similar to what Financial got in 4.0, move the starting population thing to Prolific to give that a buff, and replace it in Expansive by going back to +4 Health there (which will mean more in 4.1 than it does currently, b/c I'm also planning to increase the technology health penalties, partially to make rushing the Trade tech sting a little more).
  5. Rakete4

    Rakete4 Chieftain

    Jan 4, 2012
    My opinion:

    Neutral interface: high upkeep is sufficient balance

    Seafearing trait: +1 trade route for coastal cities = good idea

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