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President Clark

Apr 4, 2002
I wait until all of the cities have built what I have planned
so frankly I let the building orders go out of date

*I only build the modern wonders or the ones that matter.

*All cities have the minimum amount of units ( 3 )

*I sometimes let cities have room for manouver eg war cituation.

*All settlers 'roadificate' the land before Irrigation.

I dare you to try this out and WIN!!!!!!!!!

:ar15: :king: :rocket3:
What is this supposed to simulate? It just strikes me that you give the AI a little bit of a chance at the start and then try to catch up. You've explained all the features but I think I'm still missing something here as I don't grasp what you're getting at at all. Please explain further.
This is basically a handicapp that they player has to turn into an advantage. The player has to 'plan' his improvements and all of his other cities has to follow. If you have to or want to go to war then all cities have to build the same units. Two cities are reserved to build settlers,for expansion,and the rest have planned infrastructure and economies. Settlers have one task at a time between them so if one builds roads the all of them do.

Although not very socialist, you have to make as much profit as possible so roadification is necessary to break even. All settlers just build roads until the entire area you civ is located has roads. All the others can wait.

I only build what I need such as city walls, market place, nothing in excess such as granaries. When one city has completed the improvement then it waits until all others have finished and carries on to the other one.
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