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[GS] Unique Governor Creation


Jun 25, 2021
I'm trying to create a mod using various tutorials since I'm having a hard time finding out how, but unique governor creation has me about the most stumped. Does anyone have any pointers towards how this is done, or specifically what images are needed?
I'm currently using one of the guides on these forums and this mod https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2029702557&searchtext=hata+no+kokoro for reference towards how a unique governor is handled, but it's somewhat difficult for me to find what each image type refers to in game.
Edit as a comment since editing refuses to work: Aside from image types, which I'm figuring out to a decent extent on my own at the moment, the specific difficulty arises in promotions for governor bonuses. Does anyone have advice on how you assign bonuses to promotions? It's the bit that's hardest for me to read.
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