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Unit Preview: Flight Engineer/General


Nov 4, 2001
Preview of a new unit. Used in mars mod as flight engineer, is actually a general that could be used as a 'great leader' general type unit.


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What happened? this one was cool but didnt finish... if someone reads... then read... jeje. Heardie if ya read this, finish the unit so i can use it instead of the horseman flic... thanks in advance jeje
Looks tyt kinda like my old one with different colors i never did make a good run animation i'm not that good with units but this is awesom!!!

ps i really like your run preview it good but thats not the actual angle i hope because if so its not going to work in the game but i bet you knew that
hey heardie why don't you just post what you have done so far if you haven't accidently deleted it at least someone else might want to expand on if, hopefully you have at least the default.pcx
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