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Unit: Satellite


Dec 31, 2001
Sunny Singapore
From the collection comes the satellite. It has unmatched radar coverage and reconaissance capabilities(the maximum in the game) and can be re based unto carriers for even better sea coverage. It has no attack or defense parameters.

Is there a way to make multiple recons within a single turn? So have the satellite can make only one recon pre turn. Ive tried increasing the number of moves, flaggin blitz and increasing rate of fire but it doesnt help. If anyone can help, i'd apricieate it.

Oh yeah, and can someone tell mi how to make those alpha blend gifs.. n help mi paste an image of tis unit.. i noe how to make it appear alpha blended but i dunno how to save it as a gif.

Create a folder in arts/units called satellite and unzip the contents in them...
Then open hacked version of civ3edit (found in the utility section of tis site) and add Satellite...


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In order to do that, go to Animation Shop, use replace color and replace the pink with very light grey and replace the shadow color (green or red) with a darker grey. Then save as animated gif. ;)
Um, Dark Sheer? I thought he said he knew how to veiw the animation with the alpha blend but didn't know how to make it a gif animation. Well anyway, I will tell you how I do it (I'm assuming you're using Paint Shop Pro and Flicster). I first export the finished animation as indiviual cels. Then I load the cels of the direction I want to animate and save them with the alpha palette. I then use the batch conversion option to convert the pcxs to gifs. Then I animate the cels. Hope this helps!
I used to use animation shop but i dun haf it anymore n i dun haf paint shop pro.. i onli use flicster and photoshop.. can sumone do me a big favour and post the image up.. thanx..
can anyone get a picture of a satalite? if not, where can i go to get one?
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