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Universal Civ4 compilation mod.


Sep 20, 2004
Melbourne, Australia
Hello all,

Just been wondering about the various good ideas expressed in both civ 4 forums and how we could bring together some of the ideas mentioned. Plenty of people have said they will be good at individual parts, maybe we could start early on a new 'Rise and Rule' mod that incorporates the most popular concepts like Civil Wars and Trade and Culture spreading models.

I don't know if the Civ4 mods will come in at a trickle or a rush but maybe we could all start thinking about organising co-operative efforts in combining ideas. Those people who have been "Learning how to mod in Civ4 today!" are a on the same page already.

I know its early and mods won't really kick in until we've played the game for weeks, but I've seen this idea work for a number of other games and think it would be a good idea.


UET Economist
Dec 27, 2003
Princeton, NJ, USA
I'm not sure it will really be possible to make an "ultimate mod" that consists of everything fans have suggested here at CFC, largely because many suggestions contradict each other, and some are so far-reaching and drastic (such as my own UET II :mischief: ) that it may not even be possible to mod.

Nevertheless, I support your efforts to not let many of the excellent ideas here at CFC go to waste by putting them into mods! :thumbsup:
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