Using WorldBuilder to test a theory, but having trouble with WB


Feb 9, 2008
I'm trying to see if I can capture a Civ, that has a unique wonder (which required a unique building) and keep the captured wonder even if the required building has been destroyed (during the capture).

To test this quickly, I was trying to use WorldBuilder place a wonder in a neighboring civ, build up my units so I can quickly destroy the required building and then capture the Civ.

But WB doesn't let me place wonders or buildings. I can place cities, but if I try to place wonders or buildings, the empty square turns green when I hover over it, but when I click, the wonder/building doesn't get placed. I thought maybe I had to place the required tech, but WB wouldn't let me place techs either.

I read through the WB manual and don't see much there -- the manual makes it seem really easy to place buildings. I tried using an existing save as well as a new game.

Also, random side question: why does WB let me click on more than one tech, and outlines those techs in yellow?


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Not sure what your trying to do is feasible.

:dunno: never had a problem placing buildings

Each tech you click is given to the selected civ, those highlighted with yellow outlines are the techs the selected civ has, when you click a highlighted tech you take away the tech from the selected civ and the yellow highlight disappears.
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