[v0.94 addition] Improved Inflation rate


Jun 6, 2004
Lyon, France
I am currently thinking about a better inflation calculation system. In Vanilla, Warlords, and BTS, the inflation rate depends only on the number of turns elapsed.

Total War must include a better system. I think that time influence must be kept but inflation must include additional factors to make it a balancing element (between players). If somebody have any suggestions about it, or any knowledge about real inflation functioning, you can post it here, it will help me to create a better system.
I think that inflation is the ratio betwenn the amount of money(gold in our present exemple) and the amount of stuff to buy. (this dates back to my studies in 1 es, and is subject to caution)
Civs treats inflation like a fix amount of gold you have to pay, which is quite far from reality : The cost of all stuff you can buy is raised to match the increase in volume of money available (as in Europa Universalis). So a 10 % inflation means all costs are raised by 10 %. Don't know how you will represent it in civ.
Hope that helps.
I have yet to test your mod, but I'm glad to be able to play in french ! Montjoie !
Ok, the discussion is closed. The actual version of the mod includes a additional type of inftaion called "monetary inflation".
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