[Vanilla] Modifier based on turns?


Apr 1, 2015
Is it possible to make a modifier that is based on the current game turn?

Although I disabled the "ClosetoVictory" reputation malues (https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/mod-ai-reputation-for-teamplay.639141/ ), the AI is still declaring war in our multiplayer game when playing in teams, within the first ~30 turns and is attacking with 10+ soldiers, while all you where able to build in this time is a monument and 2 units.
It is also impossible to send them a delegation. You discover them in turn 5 or 10 and directly from the start they hate you and do not accept a delegation. This really mostly happens when playing with teams. Without teams it works like normal (thats why I removed the ClosetoVictory reputation malus, but obviously it is not enough)

Now I thought I could add a modifier that gives eg +50 reputation to AI players to everyone, so in the end there will be no war within the first x turns, although the humans could still declare war, if the ywant to.

On the other hand, the AI that is declaring war on us already has a positive reputation (between 0 and 9) at that moment, so I have no clue why they are declaring war at all. So maybe the addition of +50 reputation will not help....
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