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Aug 27, 2002
Hidy Ho folks, remember me?

Ok, so I'm back for alittle bit and got Conquest last week. Something interesting happened last night though, I was playing as the Ottomans when we got a scientific leader. That's not strange but what happened is, see ever sense then I haven't been able to look at the airal view of my cities... ie, the little eye that gives the view doesn't show up anymore on the city view or when I build wonders.

I figured it was just something that went buggy with that game so I started another one as the Greeks and I still can't view the cities. I'm assuming this is why I can't build up my palace anymore either... I don't get the messages saying the people want to work on it and the little button that brings it up isn't there anymore, I'm guessing it started the same time as the other problem.

Anyone have any ideas? THere were a ton of threads to go through so I'm sorry if it's already been brought up, thanks.

Palace is certainly not disabled. Played as Spain and Babylon, and my palace is building pretty well, thank you :). And as for aerial view, it's only the new wonders (Temple of Zeus, Temple of Artemis) that do not appear in it. Otherwise it works fine.

So Tilarium, your problem must be something else... Bug ?
Thats strange... I think i have seen aerial view working, although buildings were very wrong. Now it's not there! On the other hand, i haven't seen palace yet. I have played both, epic game and conquests BTW.
I know this is a stupid question but... Did you check the palace animation was "On" in the preferences, in your epic games ?
And in Conquest-types games I don't know if the palace view is used. I won't be surprised if it's not.
For any scenario they are no longer used. For a straight random game they are.
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