[LP] What are good milestone goals for the early game on Emperor+?


Dec 27, 2023
I realize this depends on the leader you're playing as, your map, your opponents, and your victory goal, but to the extent that you can generalize, what are some good milestone goals to shoot for when playing on higher difficulties, say, Emperor and up. For example, get your first setler by x turn, get Political Philosophy by Y turn, etc. What should I be aiming for if I'm shooting for a domination victory on a leader that doesnt' shake things up much?
Assuming standard speed:

Second city settled by T20. Sooner the better but I'm feeling anxious if I'm not settled by T20-25.
Political Philosophy by T50. Early culture is king in all games and policy cards and new governments make your game better.
Government Plaza and tier 1 building by T60. Especially if I'm building Ancestral Hall and mass expanding, this needs to be up and running ASAP for the tempo. Warlords throne should be up and running right when you start taking cities. I never build the other one since I mass expand either peacefully or violently.
Monarchy by T90. A domination game may divert me to Feudalism and Mercenaries first, but this is a good milestone for a peaceful game. I often switch to Theocracy or Merchant Republic later, but Monarchy can be had earlier and should be taken first for all the tier 2 government benefits.
10+ cities by T100. Obviously more is better, but 10 "good" cities by this timeframe is solid. By "good" I mean many can stand on their own at this point with your win con districts up and the newer cities are primed for Magnus chopping blast off.
T150 your win con is in sight, if your haven't won already. Obviously some win cons are much faster than others, but by this point your cities are settled with perhaps a few exceptions (spaceport cites in a science game for instance) and you're pushing for the win.
I watched one of Ursa Ryan's games the other day and he said that he likes to have three cities by turn 50. I seem to do better when I can have settled three cities around turn 50.
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