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What can be a Culture requirement ?

May 14, 2006
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Obviously the goal would be to make all cultures roughly equally difficult to obtain, with some obvious variation.

As an aside, the whole Continents/Regions discussion is IMHO a huge waste of time, see for instance "Asia" which can basically be said to be to go from Morocco to Indonesia, with smooth cultural transitions most of the way.

It might still be useful to corral AI players only, as long as there's no way to "adopt" a Civilization during the game, so that human player(s) can track what is going on more easily.

Speaking of, why isn't this a possibility already, since all three (?) of Leader / Civilization and Civilization Description can already be renamed on the fly ?! (see scoreboard naming changing with changing civics)
Is it because the leader portrait and flag can NOT be changed ?

Anyway, we already seemingly have a working map generator that seems to group some resources and animal spawns together (or is that just me reading into the randomness ?). Is it possible to tweak it to be even more "lumpy", especially continent-wise ? (The generator does track continents to, for instance, separate at least "Old World" and "New World" by ocean tiles, right ?)
So you would get "continental" cultures already emerging from that, though of course there's no guarantee that they will end up the same ones as on Earth, which is IMHO a good thing !


Is it possible to have "Estuary in City Vicinity" as a Requisite ?
If not, is it possible to have "River in City Vicinity" as a Requisite ?
If still not, is it possible to have "Fresh Water in City Vicinity" as a Requisite ?

Is it possible to have "2x Jungle in city vicinity" as a requisite ?


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The most annoying part of cultures is that to play optimally, you'd have to check all your cities every once in a while to see if new options have become available.
This gets worse as your empire gets bigger.


We have been discussing the possibility of having an alert style mechanism for this and some other user settable things. I don't think we can have a flashing/animated icon on the map but who knows. In the city it could be a set of buttons at the top of the screen that are green or grey normally and red or something when your attention is needed. Things we have thought of so far
  1. Culture available to be built
  2. city can provide a resource that you don't have (technically the same as 1)
  3. property getting out of control
Clicking the button would bring up a screen where you can see the details. For 1 & 2 you would be able to add the building(s) to the build queue and turn on/off notification of this type. With 3 you would be able to set the level(s), ie actual and delta, you consider needing attention. We may be able to provide a similar link to the build queue here also only displaying buildings and units that affect (aid) the property.

From a programming perspective it would be nice if we could separate out the build queue section of the code and reuse it for these screens. Less maintenance later on etc.
C2C already has something like this : you know the alert about buildings getting disabled (/ enabled again) because they lost some of their requirements ?

How about an alert warning you that Wonders X,Y,Z... are now available to be built in City A ?
(Maybe also one warning you when they aren't available to be built any more ?)
(One tricky thing might be the need to filter out just researched wonders to cut down on alert spam, since some of them don't have any requirements, and so would make an alert for EVERY city you own ?)

(As a reminder, clicking on an alert in the event log centers the map there.)
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