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What did You think -- ToT problems:()


Feb 5, 2002
Tartu, Estonia
1st I took Test of Time
2nd I installed that patch (i think)
3rd I tried Dictator.

And it came out -- half of the unit-icons didnt work properly,
i.e. submarines looked like biig fusion...things, there were tons of swordmen and stuff and so on.

I had these animations off

well, what could be the problem, and what could heal it...
ToT animations (sprites) are Undead. They keep rising even if you and the scenario maker kill them using the game tools. So I put them in a box.
Just create a holding folder for the sprites; one each for the Original, Fantasy and Sci-fi games. Put ALL sprites, including terrain and static sprite files in the folder. There they will stay. Until the sun goes down.... :vampire:
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