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What is the music video for your favorite Civ theme?

Dec 28, 2020
I'm not entirely sure if this is the correct board for this, but I figured since in a way it involves making stories, I chose this place.

When you hear a Civ theme, what images comes to mind? What do you picture the music being the background of? What feelings do they give you? In effect, I'm asking you what you think the music video would be for every Civ's theme.

This thread is just made for those cool emotional experiences you get listening to the Civ 6 soundtrack- where the powerful music invokes vivid imagery in your head. These don't have to be historically accurate, or anything of the sort- they're purely the image that comes to mind when you hear the song. It doesn't have to make sense! As some examples of what I mean to get the conversation going, here's what I picture happening in the...

Macedonian Industrial Era (Tino Mori; Buvcansko Oro):
0:00: It begins with the pompous fanfare of the latest victory's grand celebration. Alexander (smug as always) is being showered with praise and thanks for his unstoppable army's latest winning battle, and he is reveling in every second of it. It's a pristine and upbeat image- it is a celebration after all.

1:32: But once the ceremonies die down, Alexander retreats to his map room, where his smile fades away to reveal his sinister scowl. With his advisors waiting for him, he overlooks the map of unconquered lands with grave intent. After studying the map, he dons his helmet with purpose.

1:49: The sky is dark, and the only light is that of a bustling village far away. Alexander overlooks the land from his balcony, observing the cities in the distance. Then, he goes to rally his troops. They have cities to burn.

1:59: Mounting on their horses and readying their weapons, the troops march off, under the command of their ruthless general. We now watch from the perspective of the townspeople, as they hear the thundering march of their conquerors roaring closer and closer. They are terrified. They cannot see the threat, but they know it is coming. There is a solemn silence in the cold air.

3:15: The troops arrive. Razing, looting, destroying, plundering, murdering- they tear it all down. Ransacking everything with a sheer brutality no other army could muster, the soldiers of Macedon claw their way toward the city's heart. Alexander gazes at the towering monument, and can already see it set ablaze with glorious fire. He grins.

And as he commands, fire begins to scamper up the monument, illuminating the entire town, and seemingly- the night sky- with the majestic roaring flames that dance under the starlight and the thick, acrid smoke that follows it.

But the battle has ended now- the night is over. With pride, the Macedonian king stands atop his new balcony, grinning at the carnage he's caused. He watches as the moon fades, and the Vergina Sun perseveres over the horizon. He has won.

4:10: In a reprise of the opening, we watch as the corpses are dragged away in preparations for a festival. Once more, Alexander revels in a traditional grand celebration- as he does in every newly-conquered city- soaking up the praise and admiration from his loyal comrades, who never grow weary of his escapades. Now, as the key changes, we watch festival after festival, victory after victory, and the faded image of Alexander and his troops atop it, riding and riding, marching onward to world's end...

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