Where To Find Great Advice On The CivFanatics Website

I agree that article is the single best article on the site. I do mention it in paragraph 1 when I provide the link to the War Academy.
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Hey MummyMan, check your sig, shouldn't you say "11" types?

Actually, he should say "10" types.

11 = 3
2 + 1 = 3

10 = 2
2 + 0 = 2
Thanks for the article Zagnut. It was all useful thanks- I might actually consider competing in a some games, even though I'm not that good... and i'm not too sure what the lag is like (I've only got a 56k modem.) But I digress, nice article.
Mr Furious:

Glad you found the article helpful. Don't worry about being "good". Just being is the important thing. You may not think you are good, but to the guy who just bought the game today, you are a guru.

You don't have to worry about the lag to play any of the games on this site. They are not on-line multiplayer games. For instance, in the Game of the Month (GOTM), a standard game is posted for all to download on the first of the month. You then play it on your computer, at your own pace, and submit it to the GOTM staff by the end of the month. Your score is then calculated and displayed along with all other players who submitted for that month.

The other types of games are also played on your computer. For instance, with a Succession Game, you would play 10 turns and then pass the game off to the next player, who would play 10 turns and pass it on, etc. There are only a certain number of players in each game so the game will eventually get back to you for another 10 turns.
Sounds good, i've been practicing on a Standard Sized map as the Turks (Ottomans) and beating the poo out of the Greeks. I really must say that starting placement guide's a godsend. I don't trust my workers enough to do anything. (except maybe railroad and clean pollution...) I'm enjoying the game (on second easiest, fear my skills. :p) and can't wait to start playing on par with everyone else. ^_^
I think you might want to highlight Tutorial: Babylon's Deity Settlers by BamSpeedy.

Although it has the dread word "Deity" in the title it actually contains a wealth of useful information and tips on the early game that are applicable to any level. Well worth reading and re-reading.


Good idea, this thread, should certainly help newbs get around CFC.

For what it's worth, I was a newbie when I joined CFC about 6 months ago. At that point, I was a comfortable regent player. I have recently beaten deity in a solo game. For any newbies who join CFC, to improve their playing technique, I would suggect that the strategy articles which have been pointed out (such as Cracker's, Bamspeedy's and Moonsinger's) are very good to learn and understand some of the basic tenets of the Civ 3 game but to improve your overall gaming and to witness the thoughts and strategy of some of the best Civ 3 players in actual games, by far the best forum is the SUCCESSION GAMES - by reading and shadowing some of the games there, my Civ play has progressed immensely and I would encourage others to check it out. The link has been posted above, but I'll also note it here:

Succession Games Forum
The civfanatics chat room is a great way to learn because there are usually very good civ players there. Besides Chieftess :p
I have never used the chat room. The whole site is like one big chat room. Educate me on it. When I went to take a look it seemed that there were scheduled events such as discussions with Firaxis people. Is there more that I am missing?
Well, there are usually people there who know Civ and know a lot about it. For example, DaveMcW is there a lot. As is Chieftess. If you dont want to wait for people to reply to threads, it is a lot quicker to go to the chat room, ask questions and get better.

Thanks for that download mod tip. It does make the game look better.
Want a Tip?

The Roman Empire, is Supperior. Commercial = More Money, and LESS Corruption.

Becuse I would ONLY be a Scientific Civ, if it was a RACE for The Wonders. If even then. That is why The Roman Empire, is Supperior!! Becuse all that Extra money, goes into The Science.:lol:. Not only that, but with Leigon, I get a Defence of 3, two Techs into the game,:lol:, and Leigons :lol: :lol:, may I remind you, Remain up to date :lol:, until
The Industrial Age. :lol: :lol:

I have a Multiplayer game going right now, On 2 BIG Sepperate Continents, and I just triggered my Golden Age with Leigons, 3 Techs before Industrial Age.:lol: He got The Art of War, but I have, (Smith's Trading Company), J.S. Bachs Catheldral, Sistine Chapel, Pyrimids, Magellans Voyage, and Copernicus Observatory Located in Rome with Newtons University. Im doing OVER 200 Science in Rome at 50%:lol: He thinks he's gonna Win.:lol:
The Magellans Voyage is Not in Rome.
Justinian, I think you posted this in the wrong thread. How about moving it to the correct place. Single player or multi player tips might be more appropriate.
thanks for tips zagnut. Great Idea. Perhaps it could be moved (or have a link to it) somewhere more prominent so newbies can find it easily.
Do you have any suggestions about where it should be? This is a pretty prominent position. I think the only more prominent place would be on the home page. What are your thoughts.
I don't konow if its the right place but i am so bored about my citizens. Whenever I start a game, some time later, there is corruption, and because of this, my balance of treausury becomes upside down.. if there is anybody to give me some advice? :cry:

There is a "Quick Answers" thread in Civ3 General Discussions that is for this type of questions, but I'll answer it;

The more cities, and the more distanced they are from the capital, the more corruption they have. So if you have a tiny empire all around your capital, you won't have too much corruption. Corruption is also affected by difficulty level (the higher the level, the more corruption (indirectly though)). You can combat corruption by building Courthouses (available with Code of Laws), and then later Police Houses (Communism).

Hope this helps. :)
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