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Who is your "lost" alter ego?

You're Kate! You're not really a bad person, you've just had some trouble with your past - what's a few lies, anyhow? You're a little secretive but let's face it ... what others don't know won't hurt them. Under all that, you really are a good person. You're ready to help even if it'll set you back a bit.

Kate 75%
Locke 69%
Sayid 63%
Hurley 56%
Jack 56%
Sun 56%
Jin 50%
Claire 44%
Charlie 44%
Sawyer 44%
Shannon 31%
Boone 25%
Michael 6%

Yay... do I win a prize or something?
You scored as Hurley.
You're Hurley! A big fan of food, fun, a person everybody can relate to and everybody likes.

Hurley 56%
Shannon 56%
Jin 50%
Locke 44%
Kate 38%
Sawyer 38%
Boone 31%
Claire 31%
Sun 31%
Charlie 25%
Michael 25%
Jack 25%
Sayid 19%
You scored as Jack.

You're Jack! You're ready to step up and take control of a bad situation. You don't let fear in, and you're naturally a good person.

Jack 69%
Shannon 63%
Locke 63%
Claire 63%
Kate 56%
Jin 50%
Sayid 50%
Michael 50%
Hurley 50%
Sawyer 44%
Boone 44%
Sun 38%
Charlie 25%

Mmm...I figured I'd get more Sawyer
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