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  • Well, Summer is frightfully busy. School's out and thousands of unemployed students and grads are out there, scores of whom are taking on organizer training programs and that keeps me busy. I have also been working on a few longstanding physical plant upgrades and plans (I have three revolutionary "jobs," each of which could fully employ a whole staff: National Coordinator of Volunteer Training Programs; National Office Reconstruction Coordinator and Commissioner of Revolutionary History -East). I spent a lot of time on CFC during some of the lulls, but the vacation is over, haha!

    And, while the the fiancee is back in her primary duty assignment in Chicago, I spent a lot of time with letters and calls during the off hours,

    I still lurk, though, thanks for asking.
    I don't know if you have been following the OT Split Thread, but at various points the mods and other users have advocated closing down the coliseum. Just wanted you to know so you have a chance to offer input before they close it.
    Hey, I saw the Dark Knight Rises and I know what you mean about your brain exploding in the first five minutes. The whole thing sucked front to end. Have you seen all of it?
    Which voting system out of the two mentioned do you prefer? I still have 270-some private message spaces available, and I can always delete the votes after I've recorded them on the side. Maintaining the votes publicly in the thread is another option after the discussion so everyone sees it, but I'm not sure we want to clog the thread too much.

    P.S.: I was surprised to see I hadn't hit the friend button. Maybe I got you confused with another Glass-poster before.
    Please accept my genuine heart-felt apology for that paranthetical comment. Growing up as I did with the National Lampoon, Mad Magazine, Fireside Theater and Saturday Night Live, my sense of humor is unfortunately quite twisted. I certainly meant no nastiness. I regret my remark and it won't happen again.
    I'll take an apology for that "VD" snickering remark in the thread about sending letters to dead soldiers' families. If you want the favor of the Tom Baker link from me, you'll need to realize that I don't appreciate cracks like this, and if you end up joining the Tom Baker forum, similar cracks will get you banned (yes, the forum owner has a very low tolerance for nastiness).
    You didn't insult me. You did surprise me. As I say, I haven't exactly hid my name here. But by the same token I don't really use it much online. Some people know it, and more people at other places online. But it was somewhat of a surprise to see it out in the open. I only vaguely remember that name thread. I certainly don't recall anyone's name from that. But I've gotten a few people's names from the camera around the world thread and Boston meetup and a couple of others.
    I just can't think of where you learned my name.... Not that I've been actively hiding it, but I don't recall using it around here.
    Sorry for the late reply, sadly I won't be joining the navy as my partner would rip my head off (away for months at a time) but I've always had a passion for it.
    Thanks. We're fairly safe from wildfires and the areas most likely to be threat burned off four years ago. Nonetheless, we keep a "gitkit" packed and handy: there are always earthquakes to consider.
    People have built so far up into the foothills that almost any fire gets expensive. Building codes regarding fire safety are in most communities way behind those for earthquake safety.
    I was sad to see MCAS El Toro closed. Along with Camp Pendleton, it was the only open space in a landscape urbanuzed beyond common sense.
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