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Why rank cities for corruption at all?

i would like another way to calculate corruption, corruption based on distance is ok for Ancient and Mideival Ages but for Industrial or modern i don't think so.
I agree. I much preferred the original model that was based on movement points to get to the cities as a base for corruption/waste. Under that system, cities not connected were bad, put in a road linking to the capital and it dropped. Put in a RR or airport it dropped some more. Only connected by water - increased ability of ship movement dropped it (the airport doing so even more 8))
The you could ajust the corruption movement points allowed by difficulty level and government type. To counter the original intention (too many little cities close together) you could also modify the rates by total number of cities.
Right now corruption is a killer and does nothing to achieve the original intention since every city produces at least 1 shield I am encuraged to establish cities right on top of each other (pop 1-3 max).
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