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Win a copy of "Old World" - tell us about your favourite civ from "the old world"

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Oct 22, 2008

Old World, the current game of Soren Johnson's studio Mohwak Games, has already some following here, but we got asked if we cannot increase it here in the forums.
Soren has contacted Thunderfall, and asked if we could help him, and we are happy to do so. Their publisher Hooded Horse has provided us with 5 keys for Old World (including the new addon "Heroes Of The Agean", which we are free to use for a little competition here.

Since we know you like discussing civs, we ask you:
What is your favourite civ from the old world?
Just tell us which ancient civ from the old world (Europe, Asia, Africa) do you like best.
This civilization doesn't need to be in the game already. If you like any of the ingame civs best (Rome, Greece, Egypt, Carthage, Babylon, Persia, Assyria), then tell us. If you like any other best (may it be Scythia, Sumeria, or any other), tell us. You would like to have any added? Tell us!
Among all entries, we distribute:
  • 3 copies of Old World in a random draw
  • 1 copy for the best entry
  • 1 copy for the best joke entry (excluded from random draw)
The deadline for entries is May 10.
We will announce the winners on May 14.
Only one entry per participant will be considered.
This little competition is run in parallel in the forums and on Twitter and all entries will be pooled.
We reserve the right to disqualify any entries.

Old World is currently available on the Epic Store, but will become available on May 19 on GOG and Steam.
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