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World of Industry (Total conversion)

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Unreleased Mods' started by UncivilizedGuy, Mar 24, 2017.

  1. UncivilizedGuy

    UncivilizedGuy Civ is brain candy.

    May 24, 2012
    Center of the Universe
    World of Industry (under construction)

    This is a total conversion that I have been working up to since game release last October. The goal of this mod is to add more content and to make the game more interesting and realistic without having too much of an impact on game balance.

    After much experimentation this is my plan...

    Changes to Strategic Resources:
    • Bronze Age and Iron Age units: Spearman, Swordsman, Horseman, Heavy Chariot, Crossbowman require either Copper or Iron. Copper is strategic.
    • Horses are now a bonus resource. Horses speed up the production of Heavy Chariot, Horseman, Knight, Cavalry.
    • Medieval units: Knight and Pikeman require Iron.
    • Gunpowder Units Option 1: Musketman, Bombard, Cavalry, Ranger require Niter and the Workshop. Caravel, Frigate, Privateer require Niter and the Shipyard.
    • Gunpowder Units Option 2: Musketman, Bombard, Cavalry, Ranger, Caravel, Frigate, Privateer require Nitrary building. These gunpowder units are twice as expensive as the units that require Niter. Nitrary requires either Armory or Shipyard. Horses, Sheep, and Cattle speed up the production of units that require the Nitrary.
    • Beginning in the Modern Era, units either require the Factory or Power Plant. Oil is required for more units.
    • Modern naval units have the option of using Coal, Oil, or Uranium.

    Dynamic Economy (Completed but still open for ideas):
    • Watch your cities grow before your eyes...Sim City like! In the real world industries grow when there is access to resources. In World of Industry industries will appear automatically when certain requirements are met.
    • Example: (Coffee is improved near the city) + ( a museum is constructed in the theater district) = (Cafes are constructed automatically throughout your city!)
    • Auto-build industries will add gold to the economy.
    • The prerequisite building represents local demand for the industry.
    Slavery (Completed):
    • Slave unit requires a market and can only be purchased.
    • +5 charges and +1 movement point.
    • Captured civilian units become slaves. Captured great people remain as great people.

    Reconstructed Tech Tree (WIP):
    • Research all techs and all civics in each era. The purpose is to spend as much time as possible in each era. Advanced societies in the real world learned most technologies before progressing further.
    • Minor reconstruction of the tech and civics tree for realism.
    Modern Infrastructure (WIP):
    • This expands on the idea of the Sewer.
    • New buildings: Waterworks, Police, Fire, Telecom Network, Recycling Center, Hospital.
    • Each Infrastructure building will add +1 Housing.
    • Amenity buildings may be needed also. So far I have Casino, Brothel, Cinema, Aquarium.
    • Added buffs to city growth in the late game so that there is a greater demand for housing.
    • Continuation of the building lines in each district. Natural Gas Plant, Amusement Park, Observatory, Command Center, Exhibition Hall
    • National infrastructure (national wonders). Supercomputing Center, National Museum, Olympic Training Facility, Treasury or National Bank, Congress
    Future Era (idea stage):
    • Future techs, civics, units, and buildings.
    • Ideas for units are Cyborg Soldier, Drone Tank, Drone Jet Fighter. Art will be reused.
    • Ideas for buildings... use your imagination :)
    Special thanks to LeeS for creating the code to allow for resources as prerequisites for buildings!

    More details to come!....
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2017
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  2. UncivilizedGuy

    UncivilizedGuy Civ is brain candy.

    May 24, 2012
    Center of the Universe
    Strategic Requirements.

    Ancient and Classical

    • Bronzesmith: Requires locally improved Copper. Builds automatically.
    • Blacksmith: Requires locally improved Iron. Builds automatically.
    • Warrior, Archer, Slinger, Scout: no prerequisites.
    • Spearman, Swordsman: Requires Barracks, Bronzesmith, Blacksmith, or Palace.
    • Heavy Chariot and Horseman: Requires Stable, Blacksmith or Bronzesmith. Resource: Horses.
    • Catapult, Battering Ram, Siege Tower: Requires Encampment.
    • Galley, Quadrireme: Requires city on the coast or Harbor (vanilla requirements)
    Medieval and Renaissance
    • Siege Factory: Requires Blacksmith or Bronzesmith and Niter. Builds automatically .
    • Powder Mill: Requires a Blacksmith and Niter. Builds automatically.
    • Pikeman: Requires Workshop, Armory, Blacksmith or Palace.
    • Crossbowman: Requires Workshop, Armory, Blacksmith, Bronzesmith or Palace.
    • Knight: Requires Workshop, Armory, or Blacksmith. Resource: Horses.
    • Musketman: Requires Powder Mill, Armory, Workshop or Palace.
    • Bombard: Requires Siege Factory, Armory, or Workshop.
    • Caravel, Privateer, and Frigate: Requires Shipyard or Siege Factory.
    Industrial and Modern
    • Foundry: requires Blacksmith and Coal. Builds automatically .
    • Refinery: Requires Blacksmith and Oil. Builds automatically.
    • Command Center: Requires Military Academy.
    • Cavalry: Requires Powder Mill, Military Academy, or Factory. Resource: Horses
    • Ranger, Rifleman (MOAR Units): Requires Powder Mill, Military Academy, Factory or Palace.
    • Ironclad: Requires Powder Mill or Shipyard. Resource: Coal.
    • Field Cannon: Requires Siege Factory, Factory, Military Academy or Palace.
    • Infantry: requires Factory, Command Center, Foundry, Refinery or Palace
    • Tank: Requires Power Plant, Foundry, Refinery or Command Center. Resource: Oil.
    • Artillery: Requires Factory, Foundry, Refinery, or Command Center.
    • Battleship, Destroyer: Requires Seaport, Foundry, or Refinery. Resources: Oil or Coal.
    • Biplane: Requires Aerodrome. Buildings: Foundry, Refinery, or Hangar. Resource: Oil.
    • Submarine: Requires Seaport, Foundry, or Refinery. Resource: Oil.
    • Observation Balloon: Requires Encampment.
    Atomic and Information
    • Enrichment Plant: Requires improved Uranium and Blacksmith. Builds automatically .
    • Aerospace Factory: Requires improved Aluminum. Builds automatically.
    • AT Crew, Anti-Air Gun, Machine Gun: Requires Power Plant, Command Center, Foundry, Refinery or Palace.
    • Aircraft Carrier, Missile Cruiser: requires Seaport, Foundry, Refinery or Enrichment Plant. Resources: Oil or Uranium.
    • Bomber, Fighter: Requires Aerodrome. Buildings Airport or Aerospace Factory. Resource: Oil.
    • Helicopter: Requires Command Center, Aerospace Factory, Airport or Power Plant. Resource: Oil.
    • Nuclear Submarine: Requires Seaport, Foundry, Enrichment Plant, or Refinery. Resource: Uranium.
    • Mechanized Infantry, Mobile SAM: Requires Command Center, Enrichment Plant, Power Plant, Refinery, Foundry or Palace. Resource: Oil.
    • Rocket Artillery: Requires Power Plant, Refinery, Foundry, Enrichment Plant, or Command Center. Resource: Oil.
    • Jet Fighter, Jet Bomber: Requires Aerodrome. Buildings: Airport or Aerospace Factory. Resource: Oil.
    • Modern Armor: Requires Command Center, Refinery, Foundry, Enrichment Plant or Power Plant. Resource: Oil.
    • Modern AT: Requires Command Center, Power Plant, Foundry, Refinery, Enrichment Plant or Palace.
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2017
  3. UncivilizedGuy

    UncivilizedGuy Civ is brain candy.

    May 24, 2012
    Center of the Universe
  4. Thibaulthc

    Thibaulthc Chieftain

    Sep 29, 2009
    Too many buildings requirement really kills the - already poor- AI!

    OK, most of yours are built automatically..
    You need a blacksmith for almost all your new buildings. So, no iron,... Nothing!
  5. UncivilizedGuy

    UncivilizedGuy Civ is brain candy.

    May 24, 2012
    Center of the Universe
    You're exactly right. After play-testing this I decided I'm not going to release it. The auto-build buildings require a local improved resource. This means if you trade for the resource you can't build the buildings. It makes the game quite a challenge. You pretty much have to capture cities for resources you don't have.

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