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World of Industry (Total conversion)

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Unreleased Mods' started by UncivilizedGuy, Mar 24, 2017.

  1. UncivilizedGuy

    UncivilizedGuy Civ is brain candy.

    May 24, 2012
    Center of the Universe
    World of Industry (under construction)
    (Updated description February 20, 2018)

    The purpose of this mod is to create a more direct and realistic connection between resources and the construction of Units and Buildings. In the real world resources are everything. This will be dependent upon Resourceful and Sukritact’s Resources.

    Changes to Production:
    • All military units will have one resource prerequisite.
    • Multiple resources will speed up production for each unit.
    • Example: Ironclad requires Coal. Production will be accelerated by a predetermined percentage per resource if the player possesses Oak, Iron, and Niter.
    • Unique units will get a production bonus INSTEAD of requiring the strategic resource of the equivalent generic unit.
    • All units except Stone Age units will require a District or Building for construction. I find it more realistic when infrastructure is required for production.
    • Buildings and Wonders will get a production bonus from Stone, Marble, Gypsum, Iron, etc.
    • Strategic resources will speed up production by 50% in most cases
    • Luxury resources will speed up production by 25% in most cases
    • Bonus resources will speed up production by 10% in most cases
    Terrain changes:
    • Production from terrain will be nerfed to compensate for the production bonuses from resources. Unit construction still should be faster than vanilla if multiple resources are obtained. I’m trying to look at this from a realistic perspective. Terrain without resources shouldn’t add production especially to units after the Ancient Era.
    • Mines can only be built on resources. Not only to nerf production but to add realism. In the real world mines are constructed to extract a resource.
    • All Lumber Mills will generate a bonus Charcoal resource. Charcoal was a major part of production historically and will add a production bonus to pre-modern units.
    Realistic Agriculture:
    • Generic Farms can only be placed if you possess Wheat or Rice. This is in the theoretical stage. The goal is to make the spread of agriculture more realistic.
    • There will be two types of builders. First builder can only build farms on Wheat and Rice.
    • Second builder will have a Wheat or Rice prerequisite and have the ability to place generic farms.
    Builders (mostly complete):
    • Builders start with 2 charges
    • Builders acquire more charges when certain resources are obtained. Example: possessing Iron will give all builders one additional charge. This has already been tested and works.
    • This makes a connection between builder productivity and resources to add realism.
    Buildings and Districts:
    • Buildings and Districts yields will be nerfed in many cases and get additional yields from resources. Similar to how the Water Mill works.

    Mods included:

    • Strategic Industry
    • Strategic Timber
    • Defense Contractors
    • Slave Trade

    More details to come!....
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2018
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  2. UncivilizedGuy

    UncivilizedGuy Civ is brain candy.

    May 24, 2012
    Center of the Universe
    Strategic Requirements.

    Ancient and Classical

    • Warrior, Archer, Slinger, Scout: Bonus from Flint, Obsidian, Oak, Cattle, Deer, Sheep, Furs, Whales.
    • Spearman, Swordsman: Requires Barracks, Bronzesmith, Blacksmith, or Palace.
    • Heavy Chariot and Horseman: Requires Stable, Blacksmith or Bronzesmith. Resource: Horses.
    • Catapult, Battering Ram, Siege Tower: Requires Encampment.
    • Galley, Quadrireme: Requires city on the coast or Harbor (vanilla requirements)
    Medieval and Renaissance
    • Siege Factory: Requires Blacksmith or Bronzesmith and Niter. Builds automatically .
    • Powder Mill: Requires a Blacksmith and Niter. Builds automatically.
    • Pikeman: Requires Workshop, Armory, Blacksmith or Palace.
    • Crossbowman: Requires Workshop, Armory, Blacksmith, Bronzesmith or Palace.
    • Knight: Requires Workshop, Armory, or Blacksmith. Resource: Horses.
    • Musketman: Requires Powder Mill, Armory, Workshop or Palace.
    • Bombard: Requires Siege Factory, Armory, or Workshop.
    • Caravel, Privateer, and Frigate: Requires Shipyard or Siege Factory.
    Industrial and Modern
    • Foundry: requires Blacksmith and Coal. Builds automatically .
    • Refinery: Requires Blacksmith and Oil. Builds automatically.
    • Command Center: Requires Military Academy.
    • Cavalry: Requires Powder Mill, Military Academy, or Factory. Resource: Horses
    • Ranger, Rifleman (MOAR Units): Requires Powder Mill, Military Academy, Factory or Palace.
    • Ironclad: Requires Powder Mill or Shipyard. Resource: Coal.
    • Field Cannon: Requires Siege Factory, Factory, Military Academy or Palace.
    • Infantry: requires Factory, Command Center, Foundry, Refinery or Palace
    • Tank: Requires Power Plant, Foundry, Refinery or Command Center. Resource: Oil.
    • Artillery: Requires Factory, Foundry, Refinery, or Command Center.
    • Battleship, Destroyer: Requires Seaport, Foundry, or Refinery. Resources: Oil or Coal.
    • Biplane: Requires Aerodrome. Buildings: Foundry, Refinery, or Hangar. Resource: Oil.
    • Submarine: Requires Seaport, Foundry, or Refinery. Resource: Oil.
    • Observation Balloon: Requires Encampment.
    Atomic and Information
    • Enrichment Plant: Requires improved Uranium and Blacksmith. Builds automatically .
    • Aerospace Factory: Requires improved Aluminum. Builds automatically.
    • AT Crew, Anti-Air Gun, Machine Gun: Requires Power Plant, Command Center, Foundry, Refinery or Palace.
    • Aircraft Carrier, Missile Cruiser: requires Seaport, Foundry, Refinery or Enrichment Plant. Resources: Oil or Uranium.
    • Bomber, Fighter: Requires Aerodrome. Buildings Airport or Aerospace Factory. Resource: Oil.
    • Helicopter: Requires Command Center, Aerospace Factory, Airport or Power Plant. Resource: Oil.
    • Nuclear Submarine: Requires Seaport, Foundry, Enrichment Plant, or Refinery. Resource: Uranium.
    • Mechanized Infantry, Mobile SAM: Requires Command Center, Enrichment Plant, Power Plant, Refinery, Foundry or Palace. Resource: Oil.
    • Rocket Artillery: Requires Power Plant, Refinery, Foundry, Enrichment Plant, or Command Center. Resource: Oil.
    • Jet Fighter, Jet Bomber: Requires Aerodrome. Buildings: Airport or Aerospace Factory. Resource: Oil.
    • Modern Armor: Requires Command Center, Refinery, Foundry, Enrichment Plant or Power Plant. Resource: Oil.
    • Modern AT: Requires Command Center, Power Plant, Foundry, Refinery, Enrichment Plant or Palace.
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2018
  3. UncivilizedGuy

    UncivilizedGuy Civ is brain candy.

    May 24, 2012
    Center of the Universe
  4. Thibaulthc

    Thibaulthc Chieftain

    Sep 29, 2009
    Too many buildings requirement really kills the - already poor- AI!

    OK, most of yours are built automatically..
    You need a blacksmith for almost all your new buildings. So, no iron,... Nothing!
  5. UncivilizedGuy

    UncivilizedGuy Civ is brain candy.

    May 24, 2012
    Center of the Universe
    You're exactly right. After play-testing this I decided I'm not going to release it. The auto-build buildings require a local improved resource. This means if you trade for the resource you can't build the buildings. It makes the game quite a challenge. You pretty much have to capture cities for resources you don't have.

    Update: As of February, 2018 I have rethought this project and renewed progress. Details coming soon.
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2018

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