Worldbuilder in Multiplayer


Aug 12, 2012
TLDR: I'm looking for a way to edit the map in hotseat multiplayer, am willing to edit the game file if someone knows how.

Hello, I teach middle school history and am interested in implementing a game in which each of my classes forms a government to govern a country, the visuals would be represented by civ 4. I would be using my own game rules as actual civ is way too complicated.

It would be wonderful if they could have undiscovered areas and fog of war, but I can only edit the map with single player where everything is visible in worldbuilder. If someone knows how to edit the game file to allow worldbuilder in multiplayer I would be most grateful for step by step directions (for a technological dunce). If someone knew of a mod that would be better. I know you can see fog of war in civ 6 worldbuilder but man did I hate that worldbuilder and would prefer 4.

Thank you
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