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Wwise editor 2015.1.9 needed for audio modding

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Utilities, Code Snippets & Art Assets' started by notque, Feb 24, 2017.

  1. Kiel27

    Kiel27 Chieftain

    Oct 9, 2017
    So I have chunked away at making my first civ/leader mod.
    I want refine it a bit more by adding audio for diplomatic interations, intro/loading screen, and perhaps the civlopedia entry. Most important tho is diplo.

    I have got Wwise 2015 made the audio files (wem's and bnk's)
    My Question is where to implement or insert the references or tags or whatever?
    ...I have used the Josh Atkins template to build the mod in the modbuddy... I had some other frustrating issues that i had to navigate to get here, but I have been studying the base and dlc xlps and text files trying to see how to lay this out. But the Atkins template doesnt come with any spots left empty to fill in my reference tags (or whatever the proper lingo is). I have kinda figured out its layout using the base and dlc speech xlps. I figure that I also have to use the project properties to add the files into the build. But, the template is not laid out using a platform or audio folder (though, in building the mod modbuddy creates the platform folder.
    I dunno... Ive tried just pissing with it and putting a new folder in or putting some stuff in core or xlp folders (im not sure that has any bearing on it) ... I think it is when i try to tag the audio in the gamedefines.sql that either my reference (ie: LEADER_LEADER_CUSTOM_NEUTRAL) isnt right or my category/path tag (ie: LeaderType, BackgroundImage, ForegroundImage, PlayDawnOfManAudio) isnt right.
    The Mod will build successfully and appears to load... Sean Bean reads his Dawn of Man and then... crash! (I think i originally tried using just "Audio" as the tag and referenced my .bnk location as insert in the 'leaders: loading info', just to see if i could get that to work, that may have been why it crashed right after Dawn of Man speech)

    So anyway: tldr : i know.
    But I've been just guessing for too long with no results, just frustration... hoping one of you experienced types can spell this out for me.

    Thanks in advance for you patience, or even bothering to finish reading this ramble on!
  2. Moyocoya

    Moyocoya Chieftain

    Jan 2, 2017
    Hi !

    Well... I am not at all a modder. I tried but it's too much complicated for me.

    So... I have a simple question : is it possible to lower or even to remove the wind noise in the game ? I was able to do that kind of thing in previous Civs when one had just to change .wav files. But now I cannot do it without help... And I don't really understand what was discussed in this thread.

    I ever you have time to give me the procedure... I'd be glad !

    Thank you !
  3. 7Marco

    7Marco Chieftain

    Nov 3, 2016
    First sorry for my not perfect english. Its not my native language.

    I really want to push this question:

    I dont like it in general to hear that windy background noises even when i have only half the way zoomed out.

    And I play with a custom camera mod (Camera angle more like it was in previous Civs) but then this windnoises already start when only 1/3 zoomed out.
    Yes I can turn off "enviromental sounds" in general in the audio options but then I dont hear that nice jungle/animal/city noises too which I love very much.

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