Horrible Maps III
Duke William of Normandy

Horrible Maps III

This isn't really a horrible map, it's just someone who CLEARLY doesn't understand how to draw borders. Also, does anyone know what time period this map could refer to?
This is in fact a horrible map.

The green empire in India is the Ghurid Sultanate, but the Ghurids were based in Afghanistan, and only controlled northern India, not the entire subcontinent.

The green empire in West Africa is apparently the Almohads, who only controlled North Africa and southern Iberia at their greatest extent, but never West Africa.

The red empire in Central Asia/Russia is the 'Kingdom of Russia', but the Russians/Slavs at this period did not control this territory, it was under various Turkic city-states and tribes.

The time-period seems to be just before the invasions of Genghis Khan, judging by the existence of the Khwarezmian empire.

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