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  1. V3rM1n80r1
    No not world builder, its a mod called Expanded Initial Vision. Have since disabled it :-)
  2. Victoria
    visibility out too far... worldbuilder?
  3. Lonecat Nekophrodite
    Since the introduction about a year ago (with RF) through the release of GS (with Sweden included, Caroleans replaced P&K). Is 'Pike and Shot' also represents Englightenment Era Linear Infantry as...
  4. IvanJamesGalactix
    @AzraelZephyrian is valored on 100000000000$ of dollars
  5. AzraelZephyrian
    This is a marvelous piece of art. "Why am I here?" it seems to shout at me. The zeros like empty eyes, gazing back a mind, annulled... it is reminiscent of the 2000 yard stare, an icon of World...

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