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  • It was my thought that your national center would be a place of meeting for the various officials of the Empire, so placement at Berlin was arbitrary. I may yet move it, however.
    Building more ships will bring decreasing returns, but it would still bear fruit, even if local Pheresian fishermen can do the same thing more cheaply. As you can calculate from your stats, fishing boats in Pheresian waters make more money per boat, because fish are more plentiful in those waters.

    The idea of a contingency plan's great, especially if you plan on returning; I don't want to hand them over to another player in that case. I'll NPC them actively if you give me comprehensive instructions. :)
    1) You may assume 2 fishermen per boat, and a rough figure of maybe 150 farmers per plantation.
    2) Your Union is not immensely powerful, because there are no laws protecting strikers from being dismissed for striking.
    3) 100 shillings
    4) The An'Topi have a monopoly here of good stock; you will have difficulty making a profit through the sale of horses. Nevertheless, a stable of that sort would cost 100 shillings, with workers included; you can get a discount, perhaps, off the Lupus clan.
    I'll recalculate that, but most of the loss was most likely the fact that you had to levy troops according to the general levy from each of your plantations.
    The mines would have to be cleared for a year, and so you would need the cooperation of other clans' miners for the repairs to be fully effective. Barely any beams in the mines are actually really firm and strong, and the whole structure is somewhat precarious, as well as being badly constructed and difficult for workmen to repair in; simply reinforcing beams that might collapse sooner rather than later in all the silver mines (including the Antulan ones) would take 140 shillings, and to make the mines fully safe is barely a concept that the people of this era would recognise. To reinforce the most trafficked areas would cost a further 90 shillings.
    In many places, yes. In fact, plenty of mine shafts are extremely dangerous indeed, and the inspector was behaving like a typical renaissance person in being pretty cavalier by modern standards in such areas as the safety of mines. Plenty of support beams are rotting.
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