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  • Actually, am not sure will it stimulate him. C2C actually have two serious problems, which I pointed. Both are beyond his capabilities, I'm afraid. This can rather demotivate.
    I am staying for a while, I have messaged Hydromancerx and he has giving me some taks to work on.

    No, I haven't had any Yuengling for quite some time. I really should visit their brewery in Tampa now that you mention it.

    How's retirement?
    Official version. I am playing a single and multiplayer match currently. The single player is going good, however I wonder about snail speed it is so slow. I never disabled rev's or city limits in it so it will be interesting.
    Both are now disabled for my new game :D thanks for the info, I like the AI to be tough. So the AI needs a lot of size to be able to work properly? Maby that is why the AI seems to always be weak in my games, I add 18 to large maps (only the marathon mod on).
    I read your post. So you say that the C2C AI does not work properly with revolutions and City limits? So If I want the AI to be worth a damn I should turn off the city limit restrictions for civics?
    I do still work in KROME and want to continue with the project but an accumulation of personal & computer problems have lead me to the inactivity...

    My GPU has recently died and I can't play a game more than a few minutes and windows have some serious problems since it randomly closes programs at some point.
    I'm also preparing my next course as physics major before I already planned because of some changes in the calendar, so I will be free (and back) from 15 september to 1 october but now this is hell.

    I'm sorry about these things, but I can not do so much... except upload to the repository the things I already did.

    I have told Jtanner to continue the development until I come back and we can work together.
    hey Joseph, would you be willing to try a multiplayer game with with rom 2.92 and rand 1.74H (i myself didn't like 1.75 and later versions are too buggy). I have another hardcore friend that plays with me, looking for people with a lot of time on their hands. Let me know.

    the one who compiles is the only one who can open the minidumps as it requires the PDB file from the compilation.

    HI Joseph. I know you were not a fan of AND 1.75, but I'm curious of your initial impression of 1.76? Better? Worse? Neither?
    Hello Joseph. I have seen you in many forums of big mods. check out the Realism Invictus I think you will like it.
    If you ever need help scratching up a previous version, let me know. I should still have them on my harddrive.
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