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  • What's with the Marcos avatar? He doesn't seem the obvious choice for somebody of your politics, exactly.
    They are a Swedish company that makes synthesizers. I asked you because I know you are a Swede and I own one of their machines. I was wondering what Swedish people themselves think of them.
    So did you have a ridiculously long ban, or did you just decide to take a break from cfc?
    Men är det inte bättre att ha ett EU som kan se till att Europa inte förändras, samtidigt som man försöker hålla makten så lokal som möjligt?
    Hur kommer det sig att du är så emot invandrare när dina föräldrar är invandrare?
    When the costs of production are being socialized, why is it not just to socialize the results of production? (Or: "All of us paid for it, why should you have it for yourself?")
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