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  • For sailing: will we need the basic warships to lay claim around Kent or do we process civilian vessels to allow us to start a colony in England?
    We have grew up together pretty much... lol. NESing was once the thing I spent most time on. It is the longest constant thing in my life pretty much.
    I do want them to be more magical than physical based, in fact. As I said, I'm more than OK with them as-is. I just wanted to make sure you weren't doing it because fairies are allergic to iron, since bronze doesn't have iron in it.
    Just a comment/question

    "Lightly armed usually with stone age weaponry and almost no armor due to their dislike of metals,"

    I'm assuming the stone age tech is more do to with balancing the units than anything else, but I nevertheless want to point out bronze is an alloy of copper and tin, and therefore should theoretically be fine. I'm OK with it as-is, just want to make sure you know.

    Also, when I originally created Faeshire, I got around the "can't use iron" by having them use magically enchanted silver as a substitute for iron. Would that be allowed for this NES or no?

    Either way, keep up the amazing work. Thanks for running this NES :D
    1) Part of the appeal of Turnovia is the new coasts, lakes, and rivers. It would be nice if we could get a map that includes all those things... though its also a tall order.
    2) Illithids don't have a unit. (oversight?)
    3) Do we get psionic-blast? (ie higher recruit cost, units get a mental attack ability- more useful in the early game before archers/guns- less useful after missiles, etc) Or do you just want to fold that into the magic mechanic?
    If you don't send SKNES orders, YOU will be smothered in Failsause. :p I know you're busy, but send something OK?
    I am asking around for a suitably bloodthirsty player to join for 3 months by now, but no one is willing so far. Seriously, I am perfectly willing to let someone join (see my sig.)

    Are you up for it? :p
    I've introduced hordes, but I'm letting their players do what they will with them and gave them plenty of warning. Would you consider that OK?

    Sorry that you have to leave as Byzantines. You put a nice touch to the NES.
    Sorry baby cakes but I have a bit of the stomach flu and my bowls told me they were not going to wait.
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