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  • Hello, I know you haven't been active in over five years, but I noticed that your modod file for civ 4 star trek no longer exists online and it would be incredible if you could rehost it somewhere.
    You know, just WHATEVER.
    RFC is a great mod anyways.
    I really consider this "argument" to be idiotic - and I didn't START it actually.
    (I merely complained about something that seemed off - others started the actual bashing and so on.)
    (Not so) Polite bashing apart, I actually only played RFC for UHVs, cause I have a much better mod for OTHER victories - C2C.
    Yes, it's rather raw compared to RFC, but it's like 9000 times more interesting "normal play"-wise.
    UHVs, though, are a RFC-only feature, which makes the mod into something GREAT.
    Remove those, and it's nothing worth MY attention (IMHO, of course).
    And ANYWAYS - why do YOU think the original RFC DIDN'T have Egyptians in 600AD, huh?
    I do wonder what you really think about it, please do answer this.
    Sorry for being rude, but I wasn't the one who started the bashing...
    You're free to DELETE this and the other after reading it.

    It MIGHT be just my opinion, but I don't see much POINTS in playing other ways in RFC.
    The only SERIOUS difference it has from Vanilla, is Revolutions.
    Well, nice, but it only affects those who play by conquering, some play otherwise and wouldn't even feel a difference.
    UHVs, on the other hand, actually give you REAL challenges to play for, not mindless "kill em all".
    If you prefer the latter, OK, it's up to you.

    You can DELETE this.
    It's not my problem that the very IDEA of UHVs is to be ABLE to do them.
    Again, check original RFC - it DOESN'T have outdated civs in 600AD.
    And those that ARE duplicated, CAN achieve their UHVs.
    I mean, is it THAT hard to fathom???
    But sure, it's EASIER to TROLL someone who pointed out your mistake, than actually FIX that mistake.
    Takes about 10 seconds to make all outdated civs unplayable - so they're there, but only as AIs.
    Yeah, you probably have to be as smart as me to REALIZE this...
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