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Royal Tenenbaum
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Mar 25, 2020
Oct 23, 2012
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Royal Tenenbaum


Deeply disappointed in this community. Goodbye. Mar 25, 2020

Royal Tenenbaum was last seen:
Mar 25, 2020
    1. Royal Tenenbaum
      Royal Tenenbaum
      Deeply disappointed in this community. Goodbye.
    2. Royal Tenenbaum
      Royal Tenenbaum
      You cannot censor the truth
    3. GreekAnalyzer
      I know you're not often on here anymore, but I've made a discord server: https://discord.gg/8WaCdwk
      I hope that all of our old friends from S&T will join it. You don't need to make a account for now and you don't need to download a program.
    4. TheNoob
      I understand. Come back if you can when you can
    5. TheNoob
      Are you going to create another Congressman? Or are you done interacting? I just want to be sure
    6. Gruekiller
      (ooh) you can blame it all on me
    7. adhiraj.bose
      Actually come to think of it, I remember that time when you added me to your America story by asking me to vote, and I was stuck to it ever since. You brought me to S&T :) . This would be a fitting end I'd say, a subtle way of saying thank you ^_^
    8. adhiraj.bose
      Well, the one last act which will have lasting repercussions to my story would be to vote "Join the empire" in the Chola plebiscite on Tryst :) . Could you please do that ?

      Also, I may have messaged you on Facebook. My user name there is "Adhiraj Bose", you can find my pic in an overcoat wearing sunglasses and a cap, similar to my profile pic here.
    9. adhiraj.bose
      Hi before you go, can I ask you for one last act in the S&T forum ? :) .

      Also, I have a Facebook account I'd like to keep touch.
    10. Spirictum
      So RT, unfortunately I don't have a facebook account, but I was considering creating one for some time already. If you're really going to leave CFC, then I think it's the right moment to finally accept that I should have a facebook.

      Well, my gf is passing the weekend here, so let me have until monday to setup everything so we can find each other there on facebook because until then I'll only have brief moments on my pc.
    11. CaterpillarKing
      What's your name there?
    12. VGL
      Hey RT! I want to create an American IAAR kinda like yours except with AV and congressional elections, more candidates and less wars :P. I will credit you since you inspired me. Along with CK. Is it OK with you? Also will you join?
    13. Grifguz
      Thanks mate!
    14. Grifguz
      Hey could you quickly add my character to the milleu list?
    15. TheNoob
      I feel it would be really cool if I could eventually have "le Chat Noir" discovered by someone and he could be imprisoned, but for some reason the king's daughter comes down to the dungeons and talks with him.

      I haven't thought of a reason why, but she helps him escape and create a new identity, and either help him become a high-member of the Parliament, or just let him continue on his way of being an assassin, only with a friend in the palace.
    16. VGL
      I wrote the article. How is it? Also, can you edit my characters description in the hall of honored to say that I'm from Paris?
    17. mrrandomplayer
      I accept. I could PM you the pamphlet.
    18. VGL
      Sure! I'll write a short article about it. How long can it be? Also, do you say some facts about catholic oppression or am I free to write NEARLY everything I want?
    19. Lokki242
      Option A. I will also attempt to convince trade organizations in the region that losing their native trade partners is bad for business, and attempt to rally others to the cause while keeping my own identity hidden. Ideally, I'd be a shadow in the forest, haunting and attacking the soldiers without ever being spotted.
    20. TheNoob
      I shall extract information from him by convincement. I wish to learn more about the palace guards.

      It will be easy if I pass it off as small talk.
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