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  • Hello ANW!

    I wish you a good time. I will be back on Erebus-chat soon. I have much to work and i do not reach my targets. But that is another story. How are you?

    Since I refuse to join the facial book I really wouldn't know. But I can see how this can be a real pain in the butt.

    I'll see you on #erebus then.
    Hey, I've poked you back. And you just let it die there.

    /me walks away sadly ...
    Just popping by to say great work on the launcher :goodjob:

    You should consider making one for Civ4 and all its many mods. I'm sure It would be used by pretty much everyone. :)
    hello ^^ was just wondering who i should tell my idea i have for RifE and its religion victory
    just message me on my channel when you have time and ill send you my email
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