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  • Is Fall from Heaven II, Rise of Erebus and Ashes of Erebus essentially dead? Hopefully porting these games over to Civ V is in the works or is this just some part of Civ history which is done and gone?
    Greetings Valkionn
    I dont know if you remember me... Its been about two years...
    You and i have been talking about making dragon units that can change between walking and flying mode/animation...
    Well... I've come back to.play Civ4 after my PC broke down and i lost my civ4 CDs and i thus didnt play for so long...
    I remdmber your avatar well thought^^ and wanted to greet you again^^
    Valk, can you tell me if 1.00 is the only version available of WorldofErebus? I'm tweaking it for MoM and want to make sure I'm not working on an obsolete version :lol:
    hi there couldn't for some reason post in the mod section itself so I used the link to the author hope I am at the right adress here: I have tried to play eco mod with some other mods and allas it made the bottom left hand menu disappear. Now I have read that it is due to compatible issues. Is there anyway around this to be able to play the mod correcly?

    The mods I am using:

    city-state diplomacy mod 2.0
    Improved demographics
    new social policies
    Total mod (ALPHA)
    unofficial patch III
    Yet not another earth map packs
    So I'm assuming all the D'tesh units and buildings are missing pedia entries? Is there any established lore on them?
    could you PM me IRC server and channel of all the RiFE folks again please? I forgot it.
    sorry, i wanted to kick Opera, but i couldn't kick that French Whore because to her "owner" protection, so i had to kick you :/
    so that new project of his is already complete and will be coming out with RifE? I guess it's another mapscript, way more customizable than ErebusContinent :p
    he can't be done, the last version available is a beta and he still had a couple bugs he wanted to get rid of. oh well, let's just hope he's fine and all :D

    good luck on the future kickassness of RifE ;)
    hey Valk, any news from Seven05? he hasn't logged in for more than a monthand I'm gonna freak out if WM 9 comes out before a new ErebusContinent version :lol:
    You also don't get sunburned in a car, which is both nice and not nice I guess. :p

    And Valkrionn, I can see you texting! Stop it. 1.3 needs you (good work lately btw).
    To prevent that one thread from getting off topic...

    The trick with Transition Lenses in cars is to either have the car window open enough for them to transition. Once they've actually shifted, it does take a long time (an hour for me at least) for them to start changing back to normal. As long as they are getting hit by UVs, they'll transition.

    One trick I use is that I leave my glasses near a window while I sleep, so that when it's daylight and I've woken up, they've already transitioned so when I get out the door, I'm already ready to go. Normal windows don't block the rays, but car windows do for some strange reasons.

    You have to be careful not to leave something in the way of the lens though, otherwise you might end up with a full transition on half of the lens and no transition on the other half. It's kinda weird.
    I finished that post in the Team Forum now, won't post it till you've read it and offered your suggestions. ;)

    Oh and I'll make the awesome units tomorrow! :)

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