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  • im going on a air plane in a month, when is that last time you flew on a air plane?my last time was october 2009. im going to wisconsin ill be gone for about 2 weeks.
    hi avain, my friends and i have been playing a ton of your mod with our created scenarios, just one question, i downloaded another mod to add a new gamespeed but i dont know how to edit your mod to implement the new gamespeed, if i had to choose between the 2 mods id choose VD bc the units are awesome but id love to add this gamespeed change, anyway you can help me with this?
    Hey, i'm a little frustrated trying to take your Polynesian Koa out of your mod. Would it be simple if you could send me the files needed via pm? (all the art files, the button, etc. I can manage the XML files myself, but include them if you want)

    Thanks a ton. :D

    Edit: Finally figured out what was wrong. No need for the files now as i'm done modding Polynesia.
    i am not using the latest apparently i must have downloaded the old ones shortly before you put up versions 1.1 etc. thank you, now i just have to redownload them and adjust my earth scenarios then, thanks
    Hello again avain, my friends and i love your mod and iv created severel earth and european scenarios with it however i keep having my games get messed up whenver poland or australia are used, when i open with notepad all i have to do is delete random characters that appear under civ art style for poland or australia, is there some way to preven poland or australia from messing up my saves other than to continue to delete the errors as they arise?
    Hi avain, I'm new to modding and here at the Forum. Sometime ago I saw what I thought was a leaderhead that changed according to Eras. With your vast knowledge in compiling the Varietas Delectat maybe you can advise me if there really is such a LeaderHead or did I just imagine it because for the life of me I cannot find it again in the LeaderHeads Download section. Thank you for your help whether +ve or -ve.
    Hi avain, I love your VD mod i just have wanted to know if it is possible to use it in multiplayer or will i be prevented for any reason?
    hi avain, I'm rather new to modding. I have found the following mod packs to my liking.
    RoM 2.71, World Piece 0.62 and New Balance for BTS 3.17. Is there any easy way I can combine
    VD7 with the above mods to be used in one game? Thanks in advance
    Submitted comments to your Terraforming upload. Whenever you can spare a few moments, I'd greatly appreciate any helpful suggestions you may give.


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