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Apr 26, 2014
    1. The Guardian
      The Guardian
      When you do the city changes, can you include your suggestions for the location and names for the Plains indians civ that will pobably be added?
    2. Arexander
      I can play today or tomorrow and then I'll have exams till Thursday. On next Saturday I'm going to start a story of my own, but I think I'm updating it very irregularly, so I can still play as your commander.
    3. Brucha
      Thanks for sticking around. There should be no prlbem at some point in the game for you to join as acommnader - I will let you know soon about it.
    4. nokmirt
      At some point in your story, I would be honored to be one of your commanders. Right now I have not played civ 3 in awhile so I want to play it, and get used to it again. It's been about five years since I last played a full game. I have Civ III complete so I will be ready to go, as soon as I have played for a bit and feel comfortable, I will ask you to add me at some point. Sounds like fun, and we are all glad to have you back.
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    Web Deisgner, IT tech
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