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  • When you do the city changes, can you include your suggestions for the location and names for the Plains indians civ that will pobably be added?
    I can play today or tomorrow and then I'll have exams till Thursday. On next Saturday I'm going to start a story of my own, but I think I'm updating it very irregularly, so I can still play as your commander.
    Thanks for sticking around. There should be no prlbem at some point in the game for you to join as acommnader - I will let you know soon about it.
    At some point in your story, I would be honored to be one of your commanders. Right now I have not played civ 3 in awhile so I want to play it, and get used to it again. It's been about five years since I last played a full game. I have Civ III complete so I will be ready to go, as soon as I have played for a bit and feel comfortable, I will ask you to add me at some point. Sounds like fun, and we are all glad to have you back.
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