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  • Sounds good. I'll be interested to see what you come up with for units and what-not for your scenario. Though like any scenerio for a game you won't be able to make it really 100% accurate to history.:cry:

    I used to play a game called Civil War Generals, and my only complaints were that artillery wasn't as powerful as it ought to have been, and cavalry units were a bit too powerful when attacking infantry formations. I think in the later case the game developers paid too much attention to the power of cavalry in the Napoleonic wars and too little attention to personal diaries from actual participants in the US Civil War. I read one diary from a union infantry soldier with an entry that was basically 'unless they completely catch us by suprise, they die! I don't understand why these confederate generals keep attacking us with cavalry!'
    I just "got" your avatar and signature text. Great! I'm a bit of a US Civil War history buff. Why it took so long for the light-bulb to go off in my head I don't know.
    Nope, never watched that. Haven't watched teevee for ages, come think of it

    And Hellenic League lets Greece maintain and recover CS influence twice as fast as normal civs. With Patronage and completing some unknown CS quest, its very doable for him to do that
    Yes, I rather hit the Kaiser with a Hitler for the most part. The thing is I probably should have done it like you said. The French had him backed against the wall anyway. Right now I am semi friendly with Italy and Greece. I need to build up now. I could get civs to DoW each other, but it will cost me.
    I would have denounced Germany 5 turns after being asked (and agreeing) to DOW him. Could you not pay off the Italians and the Greeks to DOW each other or someone else?
    Well, personally speaking I'm alright with just about anything... so long as its interesting, but that should not be a problem with the time period given!

    Multiple POVs would be fine as well... they would add more color and thoughts to the world, I think
    I would manually open up each screenshot I've taken in Microsoft PAINT and see if there's something I want to cut up to highlight events and stuff. Then I'll use the selection tool to select the bit I want, cut it and paste it on another PAINT window I've opened up... then save it in a separate folder to upload in sequence. If for combining two "highlighted" shots as this, I would first cut and paste it in one window, open the image again with a separate window and cut another bit, then paste it over the first window

    Pretty tedious stuff, especially if one has 40+ screenshots... but the fruits of the labor are quite rewarding I must say. Just like this game!:lol:

    Hope this helps, my friend
    Interesting... in my current game, runaway France has been giving me some good rubbings. While he was distracted fighting two other runaways, I went into his western coastal cities with heavily-promoted Battleships, easily took four of them due to lack of garrisons but got dragged down by double digit unhappiness. Nappy took the opportunity to make peace with most of them AND shift all his forces back to the mainland, in addition to launching counter-thrusts at my own continent. We had a back and forth struggle for one of my own puppets there, while simultaneously fighting over for his lands... it was brutal, the AI pushed out submarines faster than expected and suddenly my BBs were naked. Lost two of them and all of my ironclads, which really hindered my capability to take some French coastal cities...
    Great stuff then... I fear I may be distracted by another 2K game instead, but this is indeed promising news for FoTS.
    As for my PC specs... its a Toshiba Satellite P850-1010X. i7-3630QM, 2.4 Ghz, 6M cache. Graphics card is a GT640M. The only problem I can see is that the DDR3 SDRAM is at 4GB RAM... but this is upgradeable to 16GB (gonna get it later on)

    Do you think this will run FoTS?
    LOL... ah, so that's where most of your responses were. Didn't see them till now :sad:

    And indeed, Terra seems mainly a separate house for those poor CSes. It's like that map pack Continents Plus... only that on Terra there is a whole other continent for them to start in. But tis strange though - usually they'll colonize huge islands/landmasses even if they are CSes on them
    Interesting, they definitely do in mine... then again it is indeed a shame that they will resort to city spamming but in a completely flabbergasting manner. Now I miss the old prepatch AI who at least had manners and diplomacy you could reasonably understand... wished there was a way to combine the best parts of that with the best bits of Fall (better offenses/defenses, invasions, less prone to give up, colonization but not too ridiculous etc.)
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