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  • Lol, stalker! I've just bough BG1,TA and DK2. If you know what those abbreviations are, I might just buy it :p
    Thanks! :D
    I still have a lot of things to do. For instance, I'm going to start C++ learning after Christmas (I've already learnt Python and Java, C++ shouldn't be a too big piece :))
    I'll return after Christmas i suppose. Don't worry. I'm going to have a piano competition before Christmas, so Civ-ing is difficult as well, not to mention CFC. :(
    Well i've racked up a fair few here in my time ;)

    I wanted that site to work, but it never grabbed me like this place has :/

    Yes, I am/was Sargent Percival Alexander Muldoon. I was saddened when they brought in the rule making me shorten it to Sgt. PAM. Why is this a reason to get socked? :p

    ciV tanking has hurt here too. OT didn't get the fresh blood it needed. Then again, i'm banned from there so I can't view it anyway (just OT for 1 year). I am here for NESing mostly.
    Lol, was Sargent PAM that noteworthy? I only posted a fee times didn't i? How is wpc still going strong?

    Sorry I am not a hot brunette ;)
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