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  • Just curious: you intend to fill the hexes manually? Just worried about potential risk to updates...
    The Empire of Majterre will hope to witness good relations between our powers.

    Denn es wird die Posaune schallen
    Und die Toten werden auferstehen
    Und wir werden verwandelt werden
    Since Florida is now a NPC: may Florida respond to our request for non-aggression pact and to be allowed to use your military ports to refill our patrol fleets?
    Is it a bit late to note that I meant for each of the five lands I marked for military expansion to be claimed by 2 armies each?
    Will the stats include flags by the side? I must remind everyone that we view the world as a snake eating itself!
    Aryastan and ASEAN both share a interest in keeping the Thunder Dragon Empire at bay.

    Will you stand with the lion should the dragon show aggression? We will stand for you should the dragon threaten you.
    I see you make a new appearance once more.

    You have plots of a new NESIOT? I may or may not in the near future conduct a fantasy NESIOT...
    Myself… might graduate next year (yay!), advancing on my only slightly weird creative writing(s), about to engage in one of my last bouts of midtermation, and also about to engage in the Hunt for a fabulous quest item known only as ‘a Jobbe’.
    Well, I found it by accident and you know me… webcomics, yes, Sonic, yes, couldn't not check it out. The art style reminded me (in a good way, in my opinion) of some drawings you posted two or three years ago around here.

    Incidenally, the comic in question in this one - my personal opinion is that the artist would do well to devote less time to drawing the fanservice and do better backgrounds, but Neural Suction has not been developed yet.

    On other topics, how's life?
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