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    [BTS] Bts on Steam & Windows 10

    Thanks for the replies. I have tried to run as an administrator but I still get the same error :( Thanks Sittindown for the shortcut as I have that working now :)
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    [BTS] Bts on Steam & Windows 10

    Hi, I'm back after an 8 year break :) Instead of using the CD's i've decided to get the steam version and use that. I have installed Buffy but when I loaded the mod it told me Also, how do I get it to automatically load the mod when I start the game?
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    Only one unit on a tile

    Have given up on Civ 5 after playing for 16 hours straight - hated it. The reason is simple - only one unit is allowed on one tile, this led to frustration with the game and led to some interesting army maneuvers. The game was hard enough without having to move units around for others to get...
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    How do you feel about having to use Steam? (Poll)

    Using steam is a total pain when you don't have a permanent Internet connection, I can't get it to work without the Internet.
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    How do you rate Civ V after the first 4 weeks?

    I give it an F, there are too many things in it that totally destroy playability. Using steam is a total pain when you don't have a permanent Internet connection and not allowing more than one unit on a tile leads to some very frustrating army maneuvers.
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    What's your worst military disaster?

    2 cases - I was playing a game on high level when I created an army of 6 swordsman and 2 axeman - to which I went to invade a city on a hill with 2 archers. End result = my army wiped out and the two archers had 0.1 and 0.2 hit points left :( Another game I played was a competition so no...
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    What to do with EQM?

    I have just had a Baby (well, my wife has) and I really dont' have enough time to play as much as I like, but when I do play I like to have them qualify. So, having Standard maps or bigger means a minimum playing time of about 4-6 hours, with a small map I can finish a game in about 1-2 hours...
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    What is the greatest invention EVER???

    Hydraulics; the amount of work that can be done with Hydraulic rams is incredible. The Pyramids could of been built in the matter of weeks if the Egyptians had Hydraulic machinery.
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    G-Minor 67

    Had a try with Romans; restarted about 15 times until I got Iron within 3 squares. Then I pretorian rushed (was pumping them out every 3rd turn) and managed to wipe out 3 opponents - but couldn't finish off the last :( Ironically now the last opponent could settler spam and won a domination...
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    Best or Favorite Maps

    Best map is Ínland sea' because nobody uses their navy so you really only get attacked from 2 sides; and I hate Navy warfare anyway :)
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    how many workers do you normally employ?

    For the first 5 cities I like to have 2 workers each (I chop them to get them into play quickly); and then I don't build anymore for the rest of the game. I do accept any that I capture though.
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    290,798 Chinese can't be wrong!,23599,23852628-13762,00.html Found this while going through the morning news - the last sentence is the one that makes me laugh "Apparently there are 290,798 children called Civilisation in China."
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    Most and least common leaders in your games?

    Least would be Joao II and the Incan dude (don't remember his name cause I never see him!)
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    Weird Bug I never saw Before

    Ragnor may have vassalized someone else that you were at war with.
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    Heh...could you imagine a Civ IV forum for the AI?

    MONTY: This game, it irks me. The human player makes me suffer from Deja Pu with his constant reloading. GHANDI : 'Deja Pu'? Don't u mean 'Deja Vu'? MONTY : Nah - 'Deja Pu', same . .. .. .. . different reload GHANDI : LOL
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