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    [GS] Severely Broken Text

    attaching save; no idea is with save or with reading the save
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    [GS] Severely Broken Text

    so do firaxis devs read this forum to make bug reports? or would it be more productive to file a bug report directly with them, maybe post the save file?
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    [GS] Severely Broken Text

    to be more specific, no mods, just first time loading a GS savegame because I didn't understand a game mechanic
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    [GS] Severely Broken Text

    Nope! entirely new game for new Expansion Gathering Storm!
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    [GS] Severely Broken Text

    So I loaded a savegame and all the text looks like something out of a Cthulhu text generator. Kinda neat but also freaky at 4am. Also broken. Many screenshots at: I'll upload one here too.
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    Patch is live

    I liked the mechanics of the "flirt" traits, I wish they had just renamed them so that they didn't imply game-enforced heteronormativity. Oh well, maybe they'll bring back more like that next expansion?
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    Polder placement requirements too harsh

    Those together would be way too much. The flatland requirement makes sense because of what polders are. Needing only two tiles would make creating them way too easy; if you did that they'd need to nerf polder yields. I could see enabling on marsh tho!
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    Barbarian Spawn Rate Remains Insane

    I think aggressive barbs are great. They keep the AIs busy too ya know.
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    [R&F] Inevitable thread on "Flirtatious" and "Curmudgeon" straights-only traits

    lol at people complaining about how people treating you differently/unfairly because of your gender is both a)unfair, and b)non-historical. It _is_ unfair but it is also very true to life, and no matter who you are some of the interpersonal politics you encounter through life will be altered...
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    Combat mechanics?

    I've been looking around also and haven't seen any data on it yet, but that IS what the devs are saying. It's been really bugging me because even people like FilthyRobot are evaluating things completely wrong in their videos if that's true.
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    Medic bugged? or just awful documentation?

    The civilopedia for medic simply states that it heals adjacent units. HOWEVER, it only seems to heal adjacent units that are fortifying. Bug? Or awful documentation? I would lean toward bug as that functionality limits medics far too much for them to be useful.
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    Civ 6 AI Battle Royal

    England had all the prereqs for final space project for AGES, before anyone else, and just didn't bother building it, now aztecs are building it instead... and they still haven't started it
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    Civ 6 AI Battle Royal

    We're about to colonize mars, and SO MANY CATAPULTS STILL
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    Civ 6 AI Battle Royal

    Hojo has multiple~ settlers just sitting in cities. You can't blame that on "oh he had a spot but it got taken for his one settler"
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    Battle Royale exposes the weakness of AI.

    "could not take" is a bit inaccurate, it had the ability in several wars but decided to peace out. Whether that is what should happen is a different matter. A few things that are concerning me a lot so far: Two civs starting the space race in ~1800 on King. That is really early. What's Diety...
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