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  • You can certainly join my Annunaki Divine Intervention, where I play a number of turns, and then I post the save file which you edit and give me quests to complete. Look at the past posts for examples.
    I would like to experience such a game :) Any recommendations a.k.a Have You spotted something interesting on the radar Captain CoCo ? ;)
    I thought that the game's maker was going to play it, and I, as president, would tell him what to do. He abandoned it, though, so it is pretty much ended.
    Hi CoCo !! ^^ Where's the ballot box ? I have got to vote for Weird Al Yankovic this year ! yay :D Seriously how doest that forum games work ? Is it all about imagination or the said president get's to play some saved game or something ? :D
    Support the Pro-Democratic Liberal Party of Greater Aachen!
    Vote Coco this November. You won't regret it.
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