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    Dictatorships often rely on individuals

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    Would Israel attack Iran, if they where close to the bomb?

    Yes, but not this close to a mid term election. Try after the election.
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    Is what I've heard about bisexuality true?

    By knowing more than 2 bisexuals in real life? It's not that difficult with a bit of experience. Of course, if you want to scream "WEIRDO!" and run a mile when you encounter something strange, that's your choice.
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    Women in UK are worst binge drinkers in world

    Thank God. Otherwise I'd never get laid.
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    Is what I've heard about bisexuality true?

    No. It's a stereotype. Bisexual people are individuals and differ from each other.
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    What is the largest city you have ever built?

    I once worker dogpiled a city up to over 70, just for the sheer hell of it. Civ 3 of course. Just add workers. You only lose one pop per turn, so if you have another city building 1 worker per turn you can maintain it. Big cities are a dumb idea, by the way. Very hard to maintain happiness.
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    area 51

    In all likelihood, the crashed "alien flying saucer" from Roswell was actually a captured Nazi flying saucer from Germany.
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    UK scared of teenagers

    I don't think guns are the answer. I think brining back corporal punishment and allowing beating of children for misdemeanours is the way to go. They are only cheeky because there is no deterrent. So bring back the deterrent. Problem solved... so long as the video evidence is on YOUR side...
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    Fractals and Recursions

    Fractal = shape with fractional dimensions. You can think of something with 2 dimensions like a square. Or 3 dimensions like a cube. Now try to imagine what happens when a shape has 2.3 dimensions. "To iterate is human. To recurse is divine". Imagine a simple program that takes a number...
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    Do You Have a Myspace?

    No. Can't see why I'd want one - communicating directly with teenagers? What's the point of that? Get all my advice ignored and listen to a load of whining hormonal drivel?
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    I honestly don't know how I would respond in that situation. I fear my life experience is not sufficient to give me a definite answer.
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    Sunni & Shia - Can you tell the difference?

    So, which terrorist groups was Iraq supporting then? (And don't you just hate it when people switch the goalposts. :mischief: ) I agree... but a lot of people don't. Israel's actions are certainly very iffy in terms of international law (like, continued settlement of the West Bank, depriving...
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    Sunni & Shia - Can you tell the difference?

    * Points and laughs AQ doesn't get ANY support from Shia. They regard Shia just as infidel as everybody else who isn't Sunni. So, the US should be made accountable for supporting Israel? Or the private US citizens should be held accountable for past support of NorAid? Not what I believe...
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    Viewing The Planets

    Best place to start if you are northern hemisphere is "the Big Dipper" (Plough, Ursa Major or Great Bear) pointing at the Pole Star. The Pole Star (Polaris) lies almost exactly at the point at which the night sky seems to "turn". The constellations closest to that never set (Circumpolar...
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    Sunni & Shia - Can you tell the difference?

    The only issue here is that it seems the US administration cannot distinguish between nation states and terrorist groups.
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