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Jul 12, 2019
Jan 5, 2007
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Hong Kong

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Warlord, from Hong Kong

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Jul 12, 2019
    1. tonyt25
      hi mate, amazing work all round! I wanted to ask for your help - I am trying to find a terrorist/special forces mod (perhaps that uses Wolfdog's units from CIV 4). I see you may have used some of the others similar to this, so wanted to see if you ever got round to using this skin or something similar?? Would be great to get your input. Thanks.
    2. d0minus
      tremendous work!!!
    3. bismark439
    4. Faustaud
      Quick question if you have the time, i picked up your models pack for use in my mod. Amazing work by the way. I was integrating them in with no trouble till i got to the Triba class destroyer for England. When i put it in game it's black with a little bit of red on the smokestack. any idea why that is? Viewed the dds files and they're fine like they should be and added them using the same method as the other models for England that i added. It's stumping me. =/
    5. Hulfgar
      Hello Danrell,

      I wish to ask if you can help Wolfdog fix some problem with the damage or ice states on ships and submarines.
      He is converting some Civ4 units for Civ5 but don't get those damage states working.
      His conversion are on the Civ5 - modern era units subforum.

      And again : thanks for all those units you converted for us. Civ5 would not be the same whithout your work !

    6. Ekmek
    7. KrugerPritz
      Hi... feel free (and i would be honurated if) to convert and restyle my civ4 units to civ5 :-)
    8. CivWarGamer
      You seem to be very amazing at creating the units. I'm in the middle of creating 'SPQR Rise of Rome' http://forums.2kgames.com/showthread...R-Rise-of-Rome

      If you could create some Roman era units that would be awesome. Here's what would be cool: Roman Siege Tower, an early era Roman legion (the one they have default is the later imperial legion), Slingers similar to the Inca but no feathers, javelin throwers, battering ram.
    9. Tarlak501Div
      hi there does u know a way to install ur graphic pack eazylier or with a specefic tool ? or just how we do it ? thanks man and again u done an very good work !
    10. kevosh
      can''t delete it, so changed it..
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