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  • Cool. Don't feel obligated ofc. I feel the forums lack of deity players right now and it is nice to see someone the older generation.

    This game has a small twist: bad next door neighbour and runaway neighbours next to the bad one.

    Oh, 'twas mehmed who DoWed you, not Ragnar. Ragnar was the poor unwilling target. :)
    I just checked that map ... that looks insanely hard. =p I'll see if I have the time to have a go at that map. The problem is that my internship for the summer starts soon and I won't have access to my PC so my first priority is to get the Sury game going. Thanks for the notice!
    Looking your good ol'times? Why not participating this deity game ( that was meant to be challenging. You belong to the older generation of deity players, so why not showing expert competences.

    If you decline, can you just notice me?

    BTW, really liked how you made a defensive pact just the turn before crazy Ragnar was about to stomp you...IIRC.
    i haven't tried so far. I was out for a day in SF but then got home much later than expected due to heavy traffic in a bus. One trip across a few streets took about an hour and a half :(. Unfortunately, it is late, so I will try tomorrow morning
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