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  • Is my history ok? I wasn't sure whether you'd be ok with the idea of the Chaos or the fusion of cultures, but I thought I'd give it a go.
    I envision that the closure of formal trade between the ruling class in Ez Dera Than and ourselves is hardly the final word on the matter and that there is significant trade between our people, especially amongst elements of their population influenced by our significant cultural presence. Probably nowhere near as much as if their government wasn't such sexist bums... but still very significant (due to shared borders, major river valley, and a dedicated Sauromayla trade enclave in their backyard).

    Am i wrong/right?
    Well, did you pretend to play like 4-5 nations for a few turns to make sure your system 'works'?
    Johannia Orders Turn 4.

    Agriculture: 2 Points.
    Military: 5 Points.
    Religion: 2 Points.
    Research: 5 Points.
    Economy: 5 Points.

    Keep Expanding South, East And West and trade with Marona and Corassus.
    Well seeing as Anotona is pretty much dead in Ilos I was wondering if you would allow me to RP an exodus out of there? I was thinking they'd land in Scotland since it's rather empty and a good place for a fresh start.
    I promise I will send orders next update :(. I have been so busy, I will also PM you my info for my culture then :)
    Too bad. Well, I'd rather you did dominatrNES than minecraft so... Good job!

    Is it sad that I have my movements and RP planned out for about 3 turns after the Plague?
    And I hope you catch the hinthint about the plague I put at the bottom of my RP. :D
    Oh, no! I realize that, I was just sharing my thoughts on how this world will develop.
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