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  • Oh! That was only that. Busy friends against Charlie. I was surprised AZ didn't make it, thus I thought there was something hidden.
    Great you reopen the thread, which would goad me to continue my game until some unbelievable defeat...for those used to deity level. :lol:
    I have been out of town for a while and just noticed your questions in that thread. I am asking Leif to reopen the thread so that I can continue to post some thoughts.

    There was nothing magical. Shaka was at war with Charley in the beginning so he will never take vassal while at war. When Charley capitulated to Shaka, I immediately bribed GK to join me and then Mao bribed Shaka to DOW GK as GK was a LT of Shaka. So the situation was back to the beginning, Shaka will not peacefully vassal Mao since he was at war already.
    May I just ask you a question: How did you get all for yourself Mao in the Praet Challenge (which thread is closed now) without him peacevassaling to someone else?
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