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    6otM138 AAR

    Jeeeeez how do people do this so quickly
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    6otM137 AAR

    CV turn 226 Was shooting for Reliquaries with Voidsingers but didn't get Reliquaries - could have pushed harder for first religion but Gilga snagged it with Stonehenge anyway. Also missed out on the buying Theatre Square buildings with faith so I know I could have done better. Ended up settling...
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    6otM131 AAR

    I know I'm too late for a submission (CV T258) but wanted to celebrate my incredible Rock Band who racked up 28250 tourism and 2875 album sales (not sure I know the difference between them but still...) - way way more than I've ever seen before. Was a fun game, thanks.
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    Future 6otM plans

    Keep doing what you've been doing.
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    CivVI Multiplayer Roleplay

    Vanilla version join code is ZmxbD
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    CivVI Multiplayer Roleplay

    Join with code qW6zz please let me know when you join so I can monitor when to start the game
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    CivVI Multiplayer Roleplay

    Okay. I'll set this up and post the join code here. I'll go for all NFP civs but no modes as we're looking for realism & balance. All VCs off except score, turn limit set to 1000. Standard speed, standard size but looking for 6 players. Terra Map. Open for suggestion on rules for gameplay but...
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    CivVI Multiplayer Roleplay

    Yes sure
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    CivVI Multiplayer Roleplay

    I guess it has to be self-policing.
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    More Elephants: War Elephants

    So I guess. Now we have three.
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    6otM100 AAR

    Menelik Game, Turn 140 Religious Victory - What did you prioritize for research and policies? Obviously Astrology first and Eye o t Sahara helped with that. Then the various techs to enable me to improve tiles for Menelik's faith ability and to get a few wonders. Left cartography a little too...
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    Play by cloud

    It’s full now, gonna get it started?
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    Can't access multiplayer scenarios

    So the free update parts of NFP come to Switch too? I haven’t played Civ on my Switch for a while. Have most/all of the bugs been squished?
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    Play by cloud

    Our game started in this thread became unplayable but fortunately the host had a save which could be resurrected. No idea what the problem was.
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    6otM97 After Actions Thread

    Defeat to Basil Science Victory, turn 356. My ship had gone 20 turns and I was 1 turn away from researching Offplanet Expedition thing for the boosts. Gutted. The update to not be able to spy on allies screwed me over, (including the bug where spies get kicked out for no reason) but I probably...
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