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Nov 24, 2019
Mar 25, 2012
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Reluctant Modder, from Missouri

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Nov 24, 2019
    1. texdionis
      Hello, framedarchitect, how do you do? I really enjoyed Civ5 Faerun mod, and I would gladly contribute for the Civ6 version, if you are still working on it. I read you were about to release an alpha in February, but nothing came out since then. Let us know what is going on, as I said, I am ready to patronize.
    2. Sidhanei
      I have concept art, designs, and illustrations for Cormanthyr - from units to heroes to events. All 2D art. Left overs from a graphic novel project from the early days of the DMsGuild I've since turned into a loose art book to explore at will. Would you be interested in these for your FR mod? Sample of the art - https://imagizer.imageshack.us/a/img921/2303/Gd4RCf.jpg
      1. FramedArchitect
        That's a very generous offer, but I'm not going to be adding to the artwork for Faerun. The main reason is that I'm at a kind of natural max size on that (100mb is the max for Steam uploads). That said, if you'd like to donate the work for possible use in the Civ6 version of the mod, I'd like that.
        Aug 1, 2017
        Sidhanei likes this.
      2. Sidhanei
        I would be happy to donate what I have and can provide some additional artwork as time and energy permit. The Realms are fun to draw. What's the best way to be in contact?
        Aug 1, 2017
    3. proncakes
      you the best at mod bro, but i need halp with the hotseat ive been using custum advanded but no dice?
    4. FramedArchitect
      @paisvalencia Feel free to add me on Steam, and we can discuss modding! best, FA
    5. paisvalencia
      Hey I'm a modder-in-training and I'd love to know how you managed to add a whole new mechanic to the game in health and plague. As in how to make it appear on the toolbar and make it.. work in the game basically hahaha :)
    6. FramedArchitect
      Zyxpsilon, I didn't use any "gimmicky trick" to create the leader screens; I used photoshop. And just a slight correction here... the Andean scenario is not "hangman's" -- it was a collaborative effort. We are co-authors.
    7. Zyxpsilon
      Hi... quick question, please; What filtering gimmicky trick plugin did you use to create the Leader background image of MachuPichu for Hangman's Andeans MOD?

      Simply curious.
    8. PlyPlay665
      I am trying to update Native Wonders, and I noticed you posted something on a similar mod's thread "No building of world wonders by AI" that had the same exact coding that Native Wonders uses... so I thought you might be able to help me figure out how to do that, but for custom wonders? For whatever reason, the old coding Native Wonders was using is outdated and won't work for it. I know nothing about coding, I was just copy+pasting! Thanks for any help you can give me! I can also send you my version of the mod as it is now if you need to take a look at it!
    9. doriengard
      If you are interested in working together on the SMAC/SMAX mod for Civ V let me know. I have done some early work on the tech tree, buildings, and special projects that may be useful to you.
    10. FramedArchitect
      bismark439, as I wrote in a post on Steam I removed my mods due to technical difficulties and Steam's lack of support. Regarding the New Kingdom Scenario, you are very welcome to use any of the code in the mod; the two relevant files are AES_Functions.lua and AES_Main.lua.
    11. bismark439
      Are you still alive?
      I tried to search you and your mods on steam but I could not find any.

      Do you remember making Ancient Egypt Scenario?

      I am interested in King Lua system.
      King has unique names and revives and do things you know.
      Would you write a thread about how it is working? and how it can be modified?
    12. FramedArchitect
      Hi Brent, thanks for the comment. Hang in there on modding.... it took me two years to get up to speed.
    13. BrentH
      Thank you for contributing such excellent mods to the community! They are truly the most well polished and engaging I have had the pleasure of trying. In fact, you inspired me to attempt a mod of my own. Of course, I lost patience and the mod never came to fruition, but you inspired me nonetheless! Again, thank you.
    14. FramedArchitect
      @Treehawk The best way to communicate is probably through the Steam friends chat tab, as it's obvious there when friends are available. You can add me on Steam if that works for you (id = FramedArchitecture)
    15. Treehawk
      Ok I have opened your mod up and am looking it over (ok - more like seriously studying it) in preperation to try a few things. One question I have before I begin messing with this is what is preventing the cleric from being able to Remove Heresy (among a few other things). I am looking over the coding but no where nearly skilled enough yet to catch just what you have done here. I ask because of my interest in diversifying your tech tree to expand on the classes as I mentioned, and one of the ones that you have already mapped into the tree is the cleric class, so I thought I might start there for my tests. I can give you an email address if this is not a good place to answer that.

      Thanks in advance!
    16. FramedArchitect
      Hi Gilgamesch, feel free to use anything you like from my mods in your own. Credit certainly is not required! Best, FA
    17. Gilgamesch
      Hey FrameArchtitect, just wanna say thanks your for your amazing work, and for sharing it with the community.

      On a liitle side note, i used your SV image from your Forest mod to fix a bug in CCTP.
      Hope this was ok, you will get credit for this .
      Best wishes Gilga
    18. FramedArchitect
      @Treehawk Feel free to change/expand the mod as you see fit.
    19. Treehawk
      FA, I am trying to learn this system as fast a I can, as well as trying to recruit someone to do the work that is already capable. I would love to take your mod to the next level and add in the alignment policies, and branch the tech tree out so that it represents the four base classes (Fighter, Mage, Cleric and Rogue) so if I can get a grasp of this, or find someone that is willing to work alongside me as I learn I will be taking you up on your offer. Unless... I can talk you into stepping back into this for one final revision.
    20. ThePsyborg
      Hey, I was just wondering if you removed your mods from the Workshop or if something happened? I mean, it's your stuff, but I'd be a real happy camper if you reuploaded them, because I've been spending a lot of time on a world, 400 turns, I think, which I now can't continue playing because the mods are missing...

      Also, fantastic work. Global Warming is one of my favorite mods :)

      (Never mind, just saw your Discussion-thing on Steam :/ )
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