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Oct 4, 2021
May 11, 2007
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Gary Childress

Student for and of life, from United Nations

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Oct 4, 2021
    1. imperiummaius
      Hey Gary, I'm a huge fan of your Vietnam infantry units. Have you ever thought of revisiting those and adding versions of the ARVN paratrooper and ARVN ranger with helmets? I love your versions of those, but they would really pop with one of those fearsome snarling tigers on the front of the helmet
    2. Levantine
      Hey Gary, sent you a PM. But I just wanted to say, your Vietnam USMC and Paratrooper units are my favorite ones on this site. Thank you!
    3. Thorvald of Lym
      Thorvald of Lym
      It's a tragedy I gave up on OT years ago, because you come up with such candidly thought-provoking OPs. :)
    4. Gary Childress
      Gary Childress
      Hopefully made life more interesting for all of us! :)
    5. Lohrenswald
    6. plarq
      Well, I don't have any positive symptom, just one doubtful delusion occurrence which might be wrong memory (usually my memory serves me very well). I do have some negative symptoms in speech and emotions. It is probably some anxiety disorder from doing PhD in physics.
    7. Gary Childress
      Gary Childress
      Hi Plarq, doing good. Had a manic episode a few weeks back but doing better now. Have you notified your doctor about how you're feeling? Always a good idea to let them know first thing before you get too wrapped up.
    8. plarq
      Hi Gary, how is your schizophrenia going? I'm feeling a little bit weird around myself.
    9. Gary Childress
      Gary Childress
      Much thanks ReindeerThistle. I look forward to your reply.
    10. ReindeerThistle
      I didn't want to leave your profile page without leaving a visitor message. I will answer your Ask a Red query as soon as either my thumbs recover, or I can get to a keyboard.
    11. Gary Childress
      Gary Childress
      Not recently. I almost made one around Christmas time but wasn't happy with the way it turned out.
    12. Ventessel
      Gary, are you still in the business of making units?
    13. Gary Childress
      Gary Childress
      Hi Oruc, What do you prefer? Reading, audio or video?
    14. Oruc
      So what are good starter philosophy materials?
    15. Gary Childress
      Gary Childress
      LOL! I had forgotten what it was like to be young and in love!
    16. Maniacal
      1. Sex robot.

      2. To have sex.

      3. Mostly sex.
    17. andrewmarley
      Gary! How to make firing animation in poser? I mean make a muzzle flash prop visible in first frame and invisible in the next one
    18. buddingCivFan
      You do an amazing job with your infantry units. Fantastic work.
    19. andrewmarley
      Hey,Gary! How are you? What's new? I've got a great idea of my scenario - the name is Conflict, it's a modern war, the year is 2012 - big diplomatic conflict between Belarussia and USA causes a little military conflict on belarussian border,after that Russia joins the war to defend Belarussia,when Russia moved her military forces to the west,China joins the war and attacks south-east of Russia,After that European union sends his forces to eastern europe to restore peace,but exactly he joins war by himself versus all another sides... How is it?
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