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Gary Childress
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  • Hey Gary, I'm a huge fan of your Vietnam infantry units. Have you ever thought of revisiting those and adding versions of the ARVN paratrooper and ARVN ranger with helmets? I love your versions of those, but they would really pop with one of those fearsome snarling tigers on the front of the helmet
    Hey Gary, sent you a PM. But I just wanted to say, your Vietnam USMC and Paratrooper units are my favorite ones on this site. Thank you!
    Well, I don't have any positive symptom, just one doubtful delusion occurrence which might be wrong memory (usually my memory serves me very well). I do have some negative symptoms in speech and emotions. It is probably some anxiety disorder from doing PhD in physics.
    Hi Plarq, doing good. Had a manic episode a few weeks back but doing better now. Have you notified your doctor about how you're feeling? Always a good idea to let them know first thing before you get too wrapped up.
    Hi Gary, how is your schizophrenia going? I'm feeling a little bit weird around myself.
    I didn't want to leave your profile page without leaving a visitor message. I will answer your Ask a Red query as soon as either my thumbs recover, or I can get to a keyboard.
    Gary! How to make firing animation in poser? I mean make a muzzle flash prop visible in first frame and invisible in the next one
    Hey,Gary! How are you? What's new? I've got a great idea of my scenario - the name is Conflict, it's a modern war, the year is 2012 - big diplomatic conflict between Belarussia and USA causes a little military conflict on belarussian border,after that Russia joins the war to defend Belarussia,when Russia moved her military forces to the west,China joins the war and attacks south-east of Russia,After that European union sends his forces to eastern europe to restore peace,but exactly he joins war by himself versus all another sides... How is it?
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